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  1. Your absolutely right! These mechanics that love to make you spend your money on parts that you never needed, always think they’re the best mechanics in town!! I hate when mechanics play the guessing game!
  2. I do hope it picks up in the next few weeks, all I’ve had the past couple of weeks are time wasters!
  3. Tell me about it! I’ve only just got back into car sales after about 6-7 years and back then around 2005-2010 years all my cars would sell within 3 weeks at most!! Now its looking like 6-9 weeks!! If your lucky lol. Im hoping its just the time of year, if so i picked the wrong time to start up again!
  4. Hahaha yess. I knew it couldn’t of been a timing chain issues, I would mention the silly garage but not one to name and shame, just won’t be using them ever again, second time they have given me issues now!
  5. Just to let you guys know... £40 gearbox mount from Mercedes fitted and everything is sorted!! And will no longer be using the garage who diagnosed a timing issue!! Thanks for all the advice.... now onto the next headache lol
  6. Yeah i think i will defo go with car dealer 5 or go6 media for a website after the auto trader free trial is up
  7. Thanks @Grantlfc81 and everyone else who has commented, given me a bit of hope that it should just be a gearbox mount. I’ve taken it into another garage now, hopefully i should know on Monday what’s happening with it, i will keep you updated
  8. To be honest i don’t think they are the best technicians as the first time they looked at it, they said all mounts are fine and they don’t know what the problem is, second time they said the sound is coming from back of engine meeting with gearbox so it must be the gearbox they said!!! Third time now and they reckon its to do with timing chain but I don’t think they’ve opened much of the engine up to verify this
  9. They have apparently checked the mounts but I agree with EPV and not sure how they ruled them out without removing them Dave C, the engine sounds louder when revving in Park and when accelerating, but it goes quite when you lift off the accelerator. When you switch the engine off you can even feel the movement in gearbox or engine as if the mounts are knackered
  10. Theres no power loss or anything so it all seems strange to me, every time I’ve had timing chain issues in the past, theres always been some kind of rattle or clunky engine lol. But this just sounds more like a blown exhaust than anything, its baffling me and i reckon i will need a second opinion as i really don’t think its a timing chain issue
  11. Hi guys, i have a 2012 C250 auto diesel with 130k miles that is making a vibration type sound under revs. Sounds like a knackered engine or gearbox mount noise, or a blown exhaust is the best way to describe it. But the garage it is currently in is adamant its a timing chain issue. But there is no rattle or anything, just more of a vibration sound. Even when driving its like the exhaust is blown and then goes quite when you lift off the accelerator. Has anybody heard of a similar issue? And do you think it may indeed be a timing issue? Any insight would be much appreciated as i can’t deal with the £2,500 bill they are trying to sting me with!
  12. thanks for the advice NacMan, will definately give them a shout when we need our site sorting The Ebay Motors Group rep tried to call today finally but I couldn’t take the call, and soon after got a call from CarGurus, i think i will go for CarGurus for now. does anybody pay to “boost” ads on facebook marketplace? Or do most just use the normal free option?
  13. Thank you for the response Earunder. Thats a great help. And the Autotrader prices sound about right then what sort of response do you get from Cargurus and Ebay? Our stock is usually between £3,000 and £8,000 so not sure if ebay will work for us?
  14. Yes i think i will try car dealer 5 after the free trial on the website. What platforms does car dealer 5 feed into when you load the adverts onto it?
  15. Hi guys, just wanted to make sure the Auto Trader rep isn’t trying to over charge me on a package! Haha! He quoted me £612 + VAT Per month for a 7 car package plus a cheapy car under £1500. Does that sound about right to everyone. Also theres an extra charge for the website which is somewhere around £100 per month?
  16. Thanks for the great reply, im hoping the lack of sales is down to time of year. I think we will look to get a Ebay/Gumtree package to help. And I’ve tried to list a few cars on FB marketplace, you are right about time wasters and best pricers!!
  17. So are you only on Auto Trader now? I noticed a post from you around March last year about you being on gumtree/Ebay only before auto trader and you were underwhelmed with the response etc?
  18. Yeah nobody was interested in my intro! Lol. Seen how many other people have just gone straight into posts without an intro and not had a good response from some members on here haha so i thought I would introduce myself but no one is interested. At the moment we are only on Auto Trader on PAYG ads. Does it make much difference having the dealer portal?
  19. Hi all, is anyone using Ebay Motors Group package yet? And how is it going? And is anyone using only Auto Trader or only EMG package? Just wondering how its going for everyone
  20. The rental business is getting difficult at the moment, hence the reason of slowly moving back into car sales as the site has lots of potential. Can anyone help with costs of the new Ebay/Motors package? And also is anyone solely just using Ebay/Motors and how are you getting on with it?
  21. Hello everyone, I’ve been following this forum for a few month’s and thought I would finally join in!! So a brief description on me and my business.... I have been a doorstop trader for about 7-8 years in the past until about 4-5 years ago, and i have now decided to get back into the car sales business a long side a vehicle rental business i also run. I currently stock around 8-10 cars and I have only got back into the trade since just before Christmas, have quite a good pitch near a town centre but currently no car sales signs yet as its also my rental business site. Even though we’ve only had 4-5 cars advertised since Mid December and only on AutoTrader it just seems ridiculously dead, hardly any enquiries at all and all my cars are pretty much on low price markers. Maybe it’s just the time of year? But when i use to sell cars years ago, I was use to selling all my vehicles within 2-4 weeks and the majority of them within 2 weeks really. So what I am considering to do is also advertising on Ebay Motors Pro/Gumtree/Motors (forgotten what the package is called haha) and i would like to know what success anybody has with this new Ebay Motors Market Place thing whatever its called and what sort of money are you paying for the packages? Just so i know what prices to expect when the reps start calling. Thanks in advance for your help! And look forward to being more involved in the forum! Its probably worth mentioning i am based in Bedfordshire, if that helps (maybe its just quite here haha)