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  1. Doing well as in meeting or exceeding targets in their business plan. Always expected to make losses initially, I believe. Big Motoring World venture. Got a massive place in Peterborough. Goes live next month.
  2. If its the same 'new' one that I'm thinking of then an inside contact tells me they are doing very well....
  3. Had similar problems on Renaults over the years. Usually it has not been the ECU at fault but rather a case of the ECU detecting one of the doors open. So look for faulty door switches or faulty wiring (on Renaults the wires sometimes fracture inside the plastic insulation - you can't see the wire is broken). Also look for bad earths (rust etc). Also on these I seem to remember a connector block on the pillar near the hinges and we've had corrosion and water inside. There is no instant solution, I think its a case of just logically chasing down the fault. Older French and Italian stuff is a pain for this. But Jap electrics just keep on working....
  4. I think the notion of getting money off for cash is well ingrained in the public consciousness thanks to various TV programmes where some 'expert' or other goes into negotiation waving a bunch of 'readies' and magically the price drops 10%.
  5. That's fair enough. I was more thinking about those that slap a blanket charge on every sale.
  6. We don't charge an admin fee and we don't charge for fuel remaining in the tank. There is always enough fuel in the tank to put the light out. We want customers to come back and to use our service and MoT facilities - I would rather add a few quid to the price than come over as a business that tries to screw the customer out of a couple of quid. Personally I detest admin fees and won't use any business that tries to load on non-discretionary fees. Its the RyanAir model. I don't go to Tesco and expect them to add £5 for the checkout service. I don't use restaurants where a service charge is automatically added to the bill. Its part of the cost of doing business and should be in with the price, unless its genuinely optional.
  7. Motoreasy was started by Duncan mcLure-fisher who set up Warranty Direct. I believe he is also a director of Halfords Autocentres - so there is a tie-up there. AA Warranties are basically a reseller of Motorway Direct who are backed by AmTrust - who own Car Care Plan. Its all wheels within wheels. My advice is don't bother with any of them. Put your money in the bank. Buy your wife a Honda Jazz or a hybrid Toyota - they just do what it says on the tin and you can enjoy life.
  8. The electrics on these can be dodgy. If the fan is not working at all then it may not be the resistor pack. It could be the connector on the fan. Remove the glovebox to get at it. A common 208 heater fault is melted wiring. In the passenger foot well there is a small panel at the front end of the centre console just in front of the heater outlet. It is held on with a single screw and clip.Behind this there is a small inline connector which has a grey wire and a green/yellow wire in one side and a red wire and green/yellow out the other side. This plug can melt inside causing high resistance. It is the 12V supply and ground to the resistor pack.
  9. For us long in the tooth traders there is no substitute for seeing and hearing cars in the flesh. You develop a good eye for sorting the wheat from the chaff. Online just doesn't cut it. And no, I don't trust the gradings. The savings and efficiencies benefit the auction house, not the buyer.
  10. Redundancies ahead. In many other sectors too. Once the furlough music stops there will be a lot of people with nowhere to sit.. Ditto the Working From Home. Working from home actually means working from anywhere - and that can include places where professional employees earn 25% of UK wages.
  11. Online greatly benefits the auction co's. They will strongly resist a return to physical auctions - no doubt about that!
  12. Do you cover the plates then? I always leave them visible for exactly this reason.
  13. Another vote for Autel. Previously had Bosch KTS and SnapOn - but overpriced now.