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  1. How’s sales been for everyone last couple of days?
  2. Fault codes I’m getting p2237 Upstream oxygen sensor p0011 intake camshaft dephasure p0599 Controlled thermostat... p0172 mixture regulation.... Ok - I’ll pass this on. From a few things I’ve read I keep seeing cam shaft sensor coming up
  3. Hi Ive got a 207 which the mechanics are struggling with.... its 57 plate, 1.4 petrol. It’s showing anti pollution faulty and a plip battery fault. When plugged in it shows camshaft sensor and a few other fault codes... but from what I’ve read it could be a long list of things. has anyone experienced this before with the 207 and found a resolution?
  4. Understood, I’m hoping to get an idea of what people include in their in house warranty and what is classed as ‘wear and tear’, so I am able to be up front with the customer before purchase
  5. Hi I am moving from a third party to an in house warranty and wondered if anyone had a document they’d be willing to share that I can get the customer to sign to provide a list of terms of what is and isn’t covered within the warranty and the term of it? thanks
  6. Had the same thing before, change the battery. Usually means the battery means charging.
  7. Hi All i typically go to auction to buy vehicles but recently have been looking at bidding online instead....anyone have any tips? Is this a complete gamble? Or is now with the bca reports a good time to be buying via online bidding?