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  1. Welcome to the Forum Steve, all the best with your new venture. Ashley
  2. Hi @J.B thank you very much for your brilliant feedback, It was my pleasure and I am very happy I could help. Ashley UKGlobal Insurance
  3. Thank you Both for the recommendations, much appreciated! @Casper @L-P Ashley UKGlobal Insurance 07593 137984 Good Evening @Beautiful South Martin I am a motor trade specialist insurance broker with access to some very competitive facilities and I would be delighted to assist you with your upcoming renewal. If you would like to get the ball rolling please drop me an e-mail with some information regarding your business and your existing insurance package and we can take it from there. Thank you, Ashley UKGlobal Insurance 07593 137984
  4. Hi Unkownkid123, I am a motor trade specialist insurance broker and I may be able to help you out, feel free to drop me an e-mail or give me a call if you would like to discuss further Ashley 07593137984
  5. Hi Casper, yes we certainly could provide that level of cover, if you would like to discuss further my e-mail address is Best of luck with everything and stay safe Thanks Ashley UKGlobal Insurance
  6. Hi TangoVictor, sorry to hear you have been unwell i hope you are feeling better. I am a motor trade specialist insurance broker offering a personal service and competitive premiums. If you would like to give me a call on Monday I would be delighted to see if I can source the right cover for your Son and would look to save him some money. We understand that in these uncertain times you need to reduce overheads where possible and I can tell you we would certainly not charge you for updating your MID. Ashley UKGlobal Insurance Mob: 07593137984
  7. Thank you very much for Thank you very much, its was my pleasure and Its great to hear you are happy with your new trade policy. Thanks Ashley UK Global Insurance 07590635644
  8. Hi Metcars, yes that is a fair point and I would tend to agree with your reasoning. However insurers work In mysterious ways and therefore if you have another occupation you are classed as 'part-time' meaning you get a discount on your trade insurance. Thanks, Ashley UK Global Insurance 07590635644
  9. Hi Jason, That's a very good example of how damaging it can be to your insurance and ultimately your finances, it can get even more messy if a customer was in a courtesy car hit a pedestrian and they were seriously hurt, these kind of claims can spiral into the hundreds of thousands and a claim of this size would increase your insurance premium in a big way, it could even make your business 'uninsurable' or your business may not be able afford such inflated insurance premiums that it leads to the business itself closing. I think its fair to say always tread very carefully when giving cars out to customers and be mindful of the risks this poses to your insurance and even your livelihood if things go wrong. Ashley UK Global Insurance 07590635644
  10. Yes it is certainly a risk in a number of ways, I am a insurance broker specialising in the motor trade sector so as you can imagine I see these things happen quite often. That is a great point you make about speeding offences or points incurred whilst the customer has the courtesy car, even parking tickets incurred will come to you as the owner of the vehicle. That's why I give a 'loan vehicle form' to all of my clients who have the courtesy car cover, as long as the customer signs the form they accept full liability in the event of points incurred / speeding tickets / parking fines and even the maintainence of the vehicle is put onto the customers head (oil, tyres properly inflated etc) Some of my clients also put 'excess clauses' into the courtesy car agreement, meaning in the event of an accident or damage caused to the vehicle the customer has to pay an inflated excess or lump sum. It is also recommended to take copies of driving licenses and carry out checks to ensure they have the relevant license and they are not banned or disqualified. Ashley UK Global Insurance 07590635644
  11. Hi Mark, I am a motor trade specialist insurance broker and I would be happy to put a quotation together for you to see if we can obtain a cheaper premium, starting any business is tough and it's important to try and keep the overheads down where possible. I have helped lots of new traders get started with their first trade insurance at a reasonable price. Feel free to contact me on 07590635644. Thanks, Ashley
  12. Hi all, I am a motor trade specialist insurance broker offering a personal service, with premiums rising please feel free to contact me at renewal time if you are looking for a free review of your insurances, I would look to save you money where possible without compromising on coverage. You can contact me on 07590635644 thanks. Ashley
  13. Part-Time trade insurance is generally cheaper as you have a secondary occupation meaning less time spent on the cars, less stock around you so less risk to insurers
  14. Courtesy cars do seem like a good idea at first as they are a useful tool for your business, giving a courtesy car adds that extra touch to your service. However, if the worst happens and a claim occurs that turns out to be the customers fault, it's your trade insurance that will take the hit, this can be very damaging to your claims record and can significantly increase your premium when your renewal comes around. If you do decide to give out courtesy cars it is strongly recommended that you manage it carefully and only give them to trusted customers.
  15. Hi, I am a motor trade specialist insurance broker and I would be more than happy to help source the cover you require at a reasonable figure. You can contact me on 07590635644 Thanks, Ashley