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  1. Either that or get windscreen / smart repairer out depending on cost
  2. Try one of the local print shops , the ones who print mugs and clothing etc , but check to see if they have a minimum order limit , my local one will print 100 a time but the prices are good , I paid £10 for 100 external laminated stickers measuring 100mm x 25mm
  3. Farcebook marketplace , if you wait a few hours they usual put the price down for an even better buy saves paying auction fees and extra covid tax
  4. Thank You John , It's greatley appreciated
  5. Had a couple were they've come up on HPi and turned out to be due to a private plate being transfered and finance problem on the new car and mileage discrency as the new had mor miles than the old one , yet both these came up on Autotrader as clear
  6. With the cost of replacing the sex drive and admin fee
  7. Some valeting product suppliers are adding it to their catologues and boutique distillers are too , hand sanitiser with a hint of blackberry
  8. Like stated above , they do need coating for longer term protection , I've used Concept Vista on them before , Autosmart do one similar or those expensive lil bottles of Si02
  9. Seems a few are getting crazy renewal quotes recently , while we've been struggling they've still had their coin , only be loyal if they're being loyal , I went over to Road Runner / Aston Lark can't fault their service so far hopefully I will feel the same next year , they went out their way to help out .
  10. Get good CCTV and send it to Harry Hill , every £250 counts
  11. Saw a Transit custom went for £4500 over at bca , only knows what extra VW's will go for then
  12. Thank you for the contacts , greatly appreciated Years ago I was with a company and relocated from Derby to Haywards Heath and the insurer decided to increase my premium by 80% , when renewal came I was surprised that a certain company halfed my original Derby premium with better cover , why I shop around now
  13. It states accompanied test drive on it and they've even got as the dreaded auto renew too
  14. Hi - Anyone else had their insurance due while we've been in lockdown ? Currently with Staveley Head and the new owners One Sure have decided to double it and then add a bit extra to the premium . Since the end of March I have only driven my personal car for about 10 miles to take a parcel to the drop off bin and everything else is locked up gathering dust and bird poo
  15. Moral of the story is when having your car serviced make sure they use a rubber to stamp the book
  16. You get customers checking the Auto Trader values , which on some cars are shocking compared to CAP and HPI , checked a value last week and couldn't believe how much lower the Auto Trader had dropped due to COVID , doesn't help when they put their value on the advert stating your price is too high when your price is inline with CAP etc . Some public just look for the lowest price they can find and don't look at the quality of the vehicle just the price and will have the cheek to tell you that your vehicle is say £350 more with a warranty , fully valeted , serviced and with history , instead they will go with the cheapest
  17. Too right even the local gin maker stopped gin production and now makes hand sanitiser . One local valeting procduct or should I say detailing , added hand sanitiser to their range recently and got slated for it , did ask if they cleaned their band wagon with it but declined to answer
  18. Should have asked if you could have one on a free trial
  19. Fair point that , it's a shame they can't provide us all with a clear playing field of whats essential and whats not , to some a vehicle is essential to get to their essential job and to other having a clean vehicle is essential for their essential work , personally I think Boris needs a barber
  20. For the first time since lockdown we had contact from someone wanting to buy a MPV yesterday
  21. Find it strange they're not delivering new cars yet delivering used ones , personally I would have said they wouldn't have staff in to prepare the new cars , but that would also be the same as used cars unless all their stock is prepped and ready to go so the customer can drive away within the hour .
  22. I know it's a change of subject from the auctions , noticed a few hand carwash buinesses are operating with one claiming to had approval to do so from trading standards and even selling cars from the forcourt which they've been doing for a few weeks now
  23. Handbrakes are off , cars are in gear and the Ctek charger is doing regular performances
  24. Sales of lane marking out tape will be at an all time high
  25. The increased number of e mails from the Seagull and his friends is getting annoying and it's only been a few days