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  1. Totally agree. I,m waiting on a delivery from Manheim today. I paid in full last Wednesday, and was told delivery will be today. Just called them and got usual covid excuse on why they cannot delivery today as agreed. I ask them when they can deliver and they said they don;t know, maybe later this week!!!! Due to you know what!
  2. Covid -19, The biggest excuse ever for lazy, incompetent service/work there has ever been.
  3. If you scroll through the forum you will find lots of advice given ,to a similar question to yours. good luck
  4. It is the same with vans ( we only sell vans)...even real junk Vauxhall Vivaros ( never touch them ) with 160k miles going for £1000 over cap clean. Hopefully will all settle down soon
  5. Totally agree with that one. I'm not sure it would be worth the time and effort needed, starting from scratch , to try and make a living in that select market. I have a passion for classic/retro cars. but would not be able/have the patience to deal with the type of customer they attract . That said, you seem determined and I hope it works well for you
  6. most stores sell hand sanitizer now, about £2 -£3,
  7. Wherever possible I like to watch/ hear the vehicle starting......pre corrona auction days....have been caught out few times buying a poor starter, which can mean an expensive repair like fuel pump. Not always possible to see them start if your busy looking around, but it does help. The trained eye can easily spot dodgy paint/panels etc.
  8. good point justina, personally we have had lots more enquirers in the last week. Spoke to our warranty rep today and he said business is picking up, which is a good sign, he has about 60 accounts/dealers on his books
  9. We had a van MOT today, and the guys there do MOT for a local VW main dealer. He said the VW dealer have opened, but are running on a skeleton staff...only one person per department...1 in sales...1 in workshop....1 in the office Not sure buy a brand new car is the top of peoples priorities at the moment......probably some heavy discounting on way
  10. It's basically free money for 12 months! Don't get that very often. Used wisely should help a lot of businessess
  11. Not sure how reliable, accurate, cap will be at the present time.....who knows where the market is heading! If you intend to sell similar stock all the time you will soon get a good feeling on what the market prices are, rather than just using cap.
  12. Nevillec


    I had a Europcar rental car delivered to me last week, the driver said they had a branch at Heathrow airport and on an average day at Heathrow they rent out 400 vehicles...pre covid 19... ...last week they averaged 40 per day! There will probably be a lot of ex rental cars on the market soon, if those figures or anything to go buy
  13. Hi and welcome Not the best time to start your new business, but good luck, hope is works ok for you
  14. From what I can tell we are a couple months away from a physical auction. Just cannot see how social distancing can be operated at a physical auction. Online only at the moment, always a gamble but there is no other way at present I bought 3 online this week, got lucky and all seem ok
  15. Have been watching Aston Barclay online auctions. They had a motobility sale yesterday, prices seemed well below cap clean, on average about £1500 below, some more. They appeared to sell about 80% of the vehcles on offer ?
  16. When do you all think a physical auction will reopen.....not just online, but going to the auction in person and bidding?
  17. I had a similar call last week, but from a van customer, he bought a Mercedes Sprinter from us, about 6 months ago, he does rubbish/ garden clearance, but has not had any business for 7 weeks.
  18. welcome Ben, from other recently joined newbie. I agree it is a very informative site. Good work James
  19. We have had more calls over the weekend than in the last 7 days put together. Has anyone else noticed a slight increase in enquires ? ( genuine ones, not the " take £2000 off for cash mate" types )
  20. Good article James. I think certain sectors will be stronger than others, when we all reopen. I think the cheaper end will be busy, with less people taking public transport. Not so sure about the luxury prestige end of the market. If will be nice to not get the " £5000 cash in your hand today mate" messages, on a £7500 van. lol
  21. I think you will hear more about them over the coming weeks, with more protests. There media bubble has been burst since the outbreak of covid 19. They were recently the top news story, with lots of publicity. Now there is no news apart from covid 19. I went to Trafalger square when they took over that part of London, just to see for myself what it was all about. Most protesters were hippy types layabouts, professional protesters that go from protest to protest.
  22. I used to do quite bit with ex BT vans, but the prices just got ridiculous, and I'm not a fan of Vauxhaul Vivaro / Renault trafic, which most BT vans were. I Do mainly mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit, although like everyone I buy most things if there is a sensible profit in it. I try and avoid French stuff though yes he's a mate of mine. lol yes he is a mate of mine
  23. thanks casper....I have a bit more time on my hands now.....same as everyone else lol
  24. What are your views about the expansion of the ULEZ zone for London, in 2021? With most businesses and people suffering from financial hardship now, and probably more when we come out of this mess, it seems crazy that the government would continue with the ULEZ expansion. Most businesses will be looking to survive and the last thing they will want to do is buy a new euro van or car.