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  1. To be fair to you all, I was 50/50 and this forum contributed to the fact I stayed.. so sure big Thanks for advice. Its a solid 35k salary job. I still have 12 cars in stock and paying rent for the yard but I don’t mind that.. Looks like Boris will sort you all out tonight hopefully. I think measures he is taking are very reasonable.
  2. Surely I made a right call to stay employed.. resignation all typed up, but still in my drawer... god knows when all this ends.. I hope you folks are all taking it easy. Am I even allowed to arrange any viewings as I had couple of people calling but told them not to bother, as don’t want to get into troubles..
  3. Yeah I know. And I appreciated then I appreciate it now too. I ignored it then and will continue to do so, i have similar same mentality with any new manager who starts with us, where I have done this job for 13 year. Its natural and Its ok with me. Yes, bought few really good ones. All private sales. ie Qashqai 15 plate 50k 1.2T - £4800 1 owner. I don’t do auctions.
  4. I was 50-50 but looking at the responses it looks like I may keep the job for now.. Can’t believe.. I was planning this for over 1 year, to finally leave that warehouse, no more 12 hrs nights but rather do something what I really enjoy. Last 2 months began to prep my cars really well whatever needed service has been serviced, whatever needed a deep 2-3 hrs valet has been valeted by myself to a very high standards. Paid £2.5k for the office, all the equipment as well. I finally had the balls to start no matter what and this.. Madness. Wow. Wouldn’t recession cripple new cars market and boost the second hand cars market?
  5. Exactly what I thought, have you guys seen any declines in sales at all?
  6. In a case of catching it - 2 weeks of sickness - no-sales wouldn’t have a major financial impact I guess. I am more worried about lockdowns and people simply not planning to buy a car as they won’t intend to travel in a foreseeable future. (1/2/3? Months)
  7. Hi All, Just to give you an update on where I stand at the moment. I have managed to stock 12 cars now with total retail value of around 26-28k. Also had my cabin / office delivered. Its being kitted now. I am ready to hand my notice and list them all on 15th Apr. The only thing worrying me at the moment is that bloody virus, as I have no idea how it’s effecting the second hand cars market, or is it effecting it at all?
  8. Yeah definitely harsh! Welcome to my thread Mr Landrover expert, so yeah we both seem to have bit of a dilemma.. I think I have made my mind up which will probably change next week..
  9. I am well below, I had gaps. Month here month there.
  10. Thank you all for your advises, I have genuinely taken them into consideration. I will post back here in couple of weeks and let you know the decision I made in terms of business/ work.
  11. Flywheel would be probably a big one to look for too.. I wouldn’t make up a story about the accident, but rather advise him about the type engine it has, big diesel - good for long journeys rather than Bingo and GP trips..
  12. I genuinely can’t see this 1 mistake being a yes or no factor. It took a while but I got over it. Those are the cars I managed to sell last week: I already pay: trade insurance, trade plates, rent, valeting, card machine charges. F Focus Auto - 1350/2000 T Yaris Auto 900/1800 T Yaris Auto 1600/2000 P 508 Auto 2600/3200 N Micra Auto: 1250/1600 normally sell about 1 a week, but that week just went really well. I had 7 or 8 cars listed. So I presumed selling similar amount while having 20 cars on my premises going forward..
  13. Mark101 - great comment. I am trying to stay realistic here and I know you guys learned the business for years and years and probably went through few heavy losses that only contributed to your success, but then if I don’t try I will never know. I have been saving for this journey for years and managed to get around £30k but this does not seem to be enough to have a solid clean start.. And yes being on my own with people around me having absolutely NO CLUE about business and cars is not helping either. And I considered partnership too, but finding someone with a clear goal is lot more difficult than I thought... just that level of uncertainty is unreal.. with family and mortgage still at a back of your mind..