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  1. I noticed in the news an article about a guy using software to screen shot staff working from home. Also he monitors key strokes? That’s the future for all those people thinking working from home is like early retirement? It’s the ‘COVID tax’. Meaning, An extra cost of money and/or time usually invented, that’s levied on any purchase or activity due to the virus. It’ll be in the dictionary next year!
  2. Regardless of your political persuasion, at times like these a nation needs a great statesman, instead we have boris? I’m sure a lot of people voted him in for a laugh, but the jokes on us!
  3. This virus situation has brought out the worst in the worst people. Too many idiots see these restrictions or small inconveniences like for example wearing a mask as a huge attack on their personal liberties and freedoms? I saw that video of those people in the town centre after 10pm pub closure continuing to party en masse! F****** gimps!
  4. I smell a rat, move on. Personally, and with a supposedly private seller, if the v5 isn’t kosher it’s a deal breaker.
  5. There’s a lot of this “all for yourself” attitude at the moment. Everyone knows that when brits are on holiday the rules don’t apply!
  6. But why would they ‘not’ want to wear a mask? Don’t they watch the news? That’s the reason we’re back in this mess again!
  7. It bites both ways I guess? And watch out coz HMRC are coming to getcha!
  8. ...... and the most benificent boss of the year award goes to.......
  9. Yes, it’s not too difficult. It’s not a huge inconvenience when considering the potential alternative that we all know is coming over the hills towards us. Poor boris has spelt it out, like headmaster to the naughty kids! Here’s hoping!
  10. Just to be clear Mr pendragon, promoting a scrappage scheme for the car industry only supports new car business, not us used car traders?
  11. As pleased as I am to hear your good luck David, if anyone else says: “get in!”, “go on my son!”, “back of the net!” Or “winner winner chicken dinner!” I will vomit! lol
  12. Manheim in the US are running physical auctions
  13. Madness when you consider they have more control, and without physical auctions to distract them they should be able to focus on their business even more? Looks like as has mentioned in other threads, where covid is an excuse for poor service and f+*# ups!
  14. Good luck with it! Sounds like it has potential!