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  1. Well usually everyone thinks that buying cheaper cars is the answer, so if that’s your area you’ll be getting more competition? Guys that a few years ago would have poked fun at you for selling £2k focus will now clammer for one! Lol
  2. Isn’t schmee the heir to the burton tailoring business? i was thinking more of tgetv, Tom exton. Who apart from having a well paid city job has a large car collection that is mostly on finance.
  3. Just out of curiosity. Who are the guys that lend these UK car youtubers huge amounts to buy super cars. Without naming names. One or two guys on YouTube have sufficient ‘family money’ to back up any debt. But there’s at least one ‘working’ guy with a garage full of exotic cars all on finance. I don’t know how he sleeps at night? Are those specialist lenders sleeping easy too?
  4. And boy are the auctions going to be making the most out of this situation? “Manna from heaven”
  5. Don’t forget, punters are on the same cliff edge! There’s a recession on the way.
  6. Car manufacturers are very powerful lobbyists?
  7. That all seems pretty straightforward? All the info you need?
  8. This reminded me of back in the day, perhaps late 90s early 2000s. A guy at manheim (nca) Colchester. Short dark haired guy, always had new bright white trainers. Stood there in the hall all day long buying everything at the daytime sales. Never saw him out looking at anything either. Just stood there nodding? Must have bought 100s a week? As I remember the auctioneer at the time was an older guy, fair hair used to say stuff like “up we go again” when a car in and “...this for the sporting gentleman”
  9. I think, wah, wah, wahhhhhh! Would be contextually appropriate! This! Spot on! The ‘posh showrooms’ as you describe them are/were hugely effective in lobbying the government about reopening. We, on the other hand, are slapping ourselves on the back for getting unaccompanied test drives (but only if your insurance allows it)?
  10. Not just incredible. But like heroes! In these difficult times we can show our appreciation for insurance companies by not clapping for them?
  11. At the risk of being ‘judged’, does the dwarf video include a certain cigar?
  12. Can’t wait for another massive kick in the nuts!
  13. Go to work - don’t go to work!
  14. With the government telling everyone to go back to work but not to use public transport you’d think there would be an opportunity to sell some cars? But looks like walking/e-bikes are the preferred options? Or at least round these parts?