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  1. I’m sure those people will be slapping themselves on the back, it must be s huge relief. But the chancellor has already hinted that ‘changes will be made’ when the corona dust has settled. Let’s hope the short term benefits outweigh the potential long term pain?
  2. Just out of interest, if you can remove covid virus with a wet wipe and a bottle of dettol I’d get on the blower to boris!
  3. So you’re the guy the coppers spotted with the gestapo drone?
  4. I’ve noticed a few corner shops shut. Also a large farm shop near me closed last week. I’m guessing it’s the wholesalers. But the cynic in me thinks the large supermarkets are squeezing out small shops from the supply chains. Creating ‘elbow room’ for themselves. Justified because apparently (after working a deal with Boris about panic buying which in reality was not) they are prioritising the elderly/vulnerable/NHS, nobody else is? Next will probably be fuel supply?
  5. Here in deepest east London it’s only the main supermarkets that have a queue. Aldi and Lidl are fine. I shop Saturday night just before they shut. But I’m only sitting in the car waiting while my daughter goes in. The supermarkets have it all their own way. Selling us what they want, when they want in the numbers they want and at a price they want. Profits are sitting nicely for them now?
  6. And when it’s delivered there will be endless substitutions. You can’t help being a little bit cynical with how the supermarkets are playing us.
  7. That’s about the only thing I haven’t got!
  8. The highs and lows of self isolating! Keep it together man!
  9. What’s wrong with beans on toast! Have you run out of lobster and caviar?