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  1. Do you think the battery would need replacing? Would a jump start then a run not charge it? Bearing in mind it's a new car. Just called them 5o escalate the matter. If they can sell and deliver used cars then I want my new car.
  2. KIA, as I said the dealership are delivering used vehicles but not new ones. I was supposed to get mine a week after they closed. My car is in the showroom locked away they said with lots others. Just cant see a massive problem if they can already deliver used cars. Not asking anyone to do anything they are not already doing.
  3. Haha neither. Not a German car, Korean actually. Look I am not here to be a dick, i came here to see if there was any one in the know how, i really need my car, if the dealership can deliver a used car why not a new one?? I know that's not your problem and believe me i have raised it with the dealership but to no avail. From what I can gather is you cant open to the public but clearly you can operate behind closed doors and offer delivery, totally understand this might not be for every dealer but the big franchise places this should not be a problem. Stay safe mate.
  4. Cleaner haha. 50k a year with no pressure or high blood pressure which all you cunts moan about. I know car dealers have two personalities but I think on the whole you are letting your industry down. And even If I was a cleaner would it matter?? I would never job shame someone, just shows the type of person you are. You have probably ripped so many people off and have had countless CCJ's haha. Waster.
  5. I dont deserve it?? My car that I paid for?? While I am risking my life doing my essential work while you are sitting on your arse?? Bit of a prick you are.
  6. I too have a vehicle waiting for me in a showroom, evans halshaw, they are delivering used cars but not new ones?? And showrooms are closed to the public, no one is saying they cant operate behind closed doors. Not very helpful are you?
  7. I really do get the point about used cars. I wouldn't want to do that as you are leaving yourself wide open. But new cars? Cant see any problems.
  8. Have contacted the dealer direct. Evanshalshaw but through a lease company online. They said they are having another meeting Monday or Tuesday to see what they can do, dealer principal told me that the manufacturer are starting to deliver straight from port?? As they have nowhere to store them. Dont know how much truth is in that. All I know is that I need my vehicle. I do appreciate the current situation and I know I am one of many but there has to be something done about it all.
  9. Thanks for that No idea where that came from then. As you can see I just copy and paste it from that link I posted. I stand corrected then. Cheers.
  10. “The Government has made it very clear that it wants ‘all supply chains’ to continue ‘to the greatest extent possible’ during the Covid-19 outbreak,” said BVRLA chief executive, Gerry Keaney. “This includes vehicle logistics, and not just cars and vans that are being delivered to essential workers.” He added: “By getting these vehicles moving, we are not only helping the Covid-19 response, we are also ensuring that businesses and individuals can pick-up where they left-off as soon as the lockdown ends.” I have not seen the letter but I have been told from my lease company and a very large nationwide dealership that they have received the letter and should he implementing changes in the coming week.
  12. Maybe so but I ordered a car in January to be delivered 2 weeks ago now. Already took one for a test drive. Of course there is measures that could be put in place. Or is it a case of the vast majority of dealers from big groups dont want to go back to work because of the furlough payments. I can't wait to go back to work as I am missing out on around £200-£250 per week. I am not asking for anyone to put their health at risk but help others in a time of need.
  13. Transport secretary has said deliveries must go ahead to all customers.
  14. Start delivery of vehicles!!!