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  1. Hmmmmm! Perhaps give them a drink of disinfectant as prescribed by Dettol Donny USA presidentIn any case a quick spruce with some sort of bleach/disinfectant should do the trick, or, just insist they have to wear gloves. Welcome to the new normal.
  2. Where were the Police then? Maybe they had coppers who relatives.
  3. I find that astonishing. Why were they not subject to the same restrictions?
  4. How about NMIFC on the front ( Not made in feckin' China ). And, Feck Off China on the back. Or, The Police say Don't Stand So Close To Me, Or, Only a fool breaks the 2 metre rule.
  5. Quite right! Car showrooms are larger than your average house, and, I don't think you'll get big queues like supermarkets. If everybody applies social distancing and wear gloves in the showrooms there should'nt be a problem. As for test drives, just let the customer do it as long as you have their proof of address.
  6. Excellent advice. Thank you.
  7. Dealers showing their true colours. They wouldn't be this salty if we were in THEIR showroom.
  8. As far as I'm aware this is still a free country, and, I have a vested interest as my new car is sat in the showroom, and, I thought this would be a good place to get information as to when dealers would open again. If me being here upsets your sensibility then this will be my last post.
  9. I don't blame you! I'm 62 and as a key worker I am at risk everyday. I can't self isolate as I won't get paid. I hope you are still getting the treatment you deserve and have not been 'forgotten' by the NHS.
  10. Mmmm is that why doctors and nurses are on social media platforms dancing? My missus has Asthma, diabetes and other health issues and has appointments cancelled because of this. It seems everybody elses health issues can go spit. Johnson is "guided by the science" and this is the science that advised the government to make 50 to 69 year olds self isolate like over 70's. Even the WHO recommended that this be the case as that was where most deaths were occurring. Don't tell me it's not his decision.
  11. If we don't get rolling there won't be an economy. UK will be a nation of neurotics. Things can progress if proper safety is in place such as masks in public, and, yes I have lost friends to this too but we can't go on being afraid of our own shadow just in case it's infected.
  12. Come on Johnson! Show some balls and get UK rolling again.
  13. I'm not a dealer, but, I love this forum. Everybody is so civil and of course I love talking about cars. I do have a vested interest in joining though because my new car is sitting in the showroom and bloody Johnson shut it down 3 days before I was due to collect. So I have been reading CDM articles to get an inkling of when dealers would open again.
  14. Yes! Test drives could be a problem, although in my experience, I've been on many test drives ( particularly used cars) where I've had the keys given and left to my own devices which gives you a better "feel" for the car rather than someone breathing down your neck as it were. Maybe in the case of new cars the customer could leave something of value at the dealership, house keys, smartphone a small returnable deposit perhaps. In any case if both parties are PPE'd up there should'nt be a problem.
  15. As a customer. I think ALL dealerships WILL open on 11 May. The answer to it is very simple. ALL customers must wear facial covering of some sort and wear disposable or cloth gloves, because as you know, car buying is a very tactile business.Protective screens fitted to service desks and handwash should be made available. Social distancing rules should also apply and a limit of customers in the showroom at any time. You are not going to see miles of customers queuing outside like supermarkets so this should'nt be a problem. So, if these rules are applied I see no reason not to open on 11 May.