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  1. Thank you! You and many others have done the same. If you get a chance, could you please retweet my tweet?
  2. not without certain conditions, please see my tweet on this subject:
  3. Which is exactly why I stopped using Dragon2000 (apart from the price hike) as I had to keep a separate cash book as well. MTA incorporates a cash book as well as invoicing/stock book system - so everything goes on to MTA and it will produce VAT Return reports, Profit/Loss etc. It is not the most glamorous UI in the world, but for the cost is excellent value!
  4. Received this 'enquiry' on a car this week that I have advertised for £11,495: ' Hi there would you consider an offer of £8000 cash live local genuine buyer thanks ' Do I win?
  5. there they're their - Jolly Green Giant, I share your pain.......
  6. Thank you for all your help everybody. We went to see the Transit on Sunday and it actually looked quite good. There was a fair amount of history in the form of a print-out from the previous owner. Unfortunately we couldn't get together on the P/X so the deal didn't happen, otherwise we would have bought it. With regard to Jamie's comments on Transporters, this is the other van that he is considering as a lot of farriers seem to use them and there appear to be more around with a tailgate.
  7. I have HPId it and HPI state that it is a 5 speed manual - does that mean it doesn't have a DMF? Euro Car Parts list a DMF (and a solid conversion) using the reg number on their website
  8. Haha! They're coming straight off and it will be wrapped. He's a farrier, so likes it as it has a tailgate and drawers, workbench etc in the back!
  9. Thanks guys, you have been enormously helpful as always. He has four vans and a car also listed, that to me makes him a dealer! Oh, and it's plus VAT so must be VAT registered?
  10. Thanks for the advice, Phil - sounds like he should buy something else!! Seriously, though it's a dealer selling it says he has just serviced but it has done 100k. The only thing that concerned me on his eBay description is that he says he has replaced starter motor - could this be a mis-diagnosed Dual Mass Flywheel problem? eBay item #272013419626 if you get a chance to sneek a peak??!! Thanks again
  11. Hi, After some advice; my daughter's boyfriend is interested in a Transit Van that he has seen advertised and asked me to have a look at it with him over the weekend. Only problem is, I know nothing about vans! I was wondering whether any of my learned colleagues here could give me any advice re what to look for/common problems etc? It's a FORD TRANSIT 2.2 TDCI 330S TREND SWB. Do they suffer with injectors, DMFs etc.? Any advice/thoughts gratefully received. Thanks in advance!
  12. Unfortunately, on the new site it only shows mileages back to 2011 which seems like a real backward step to me. Presumably thay have either lost or can't integrate the earlier information since the changeover to the new MOT system?
  13. In my account on the third day, i.e. take payment on a Monday and the funds are in my account on Wednesday. I use Barcays Merchant Services
  14. Yes, but how long is temporary?