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  1. I think it will all depend where you are in the country, what stock mix you’ve got and how quickly you can react to the ever changing sales environment. I’d just take the opportunites that come along and there’s no point trying to force the market in December anyway as trying to replace the stock will only cost you more in Jan. We’ll be open right the way through and historically we’ve always made a profit for the month, I use December to get things prepared for January anyway, have a general tidy up of office/admin and a stock take to sort out of all those forgotten part exchanges and problem sales cars. So there’s always something to do.
  2. +1 injectors. Once you've had a good check of the work that’s been carried out of course. These later hdi’s (09+) injectors are shocking. They rarely fault code, will always start on the button, but then idle badly or/and have a flat spot when rev’d especially from cold, they can also smoke quite noticeably. We get our local diesel specialist to test them and 3 out of the 4 injectors always fail and the other one only just passes. We must have replaced over 10 sets of injectors in the past two years. I would also have a look at the injectors to see if they look new, as if they have been replaced and not had the correct re-learn test drive procedure followed they will run badly.
  3. I’d be getting him to record which roads/ weather conditions it’s happening on and then get him to drive with you in the car on those roads and tell him to drive as he normally would. He could just be a shocking driver who had a heavy right foot and doesn’t drive to the conditions of the road surface and the TC is doing what it’s supposed to be doing. Ie cutting the power and stopping him from damaging something! Did his last car have TC?
  4. Hi, just while I’m waiting for my AOS registration to be completed. Would anyone be able to help let me know if this 1 series - LJ11DLV has much of a service history. Thanks so much in advance.
  5. David, really enjoy this one too, especially as we can’t actually get to the block to talk about the prices some of these cars are making.
  6. Welcome, I wish you luck, you’ve obviously got your head screwed on; your a good age and even a basic knowledge of running a business is a bonus. You should go for it especially if it’s something you enjoy!! My only reservation is that I do think that finding a good reliable source of suitable 90’s stock that you can turn for a profit will be quite a task. As you like to tinker/repair cars I’d be tempted to also look out for some later mainstream cars in local papers/gumtree etc that need clutches/gearboxes/engines owned by proper people that have been quoted big bills by garages/main dealers to repair and end up just selling the car as it’s uneconomical for them to have repaired. It could be worth putting in adverts in local papers/online to say you buy non runners. You could repair and sell them in between your 90’s projects. It would get you more experience dealing with the general public, help build your business, insulate you from any quiet periods as I’m sure the 90’s market could be quite cyclical and most importantly do something that you enjoy. So best of luck and let us know how you get on!!
  7. That’s a really good idea. What would you do about the road tax? I suppose you could/would have to pay them for it and try and sell it to the next owner?
  8. Look, if you think paying £100 in advertising with Autotrader to to sell a car is a fair price for you, that’s your choice. For me it’s to high. I was purely explaining that I felt that Autotrader’s offer was poor in light of their excessively profits, was not bashing anyone, although I could quite happily slate Autotrader on the complete lack of supplying me any real sales rep for the last five years, while continuing to increase their prices. For me I find repeat customers/referrals are my most cost effective source of business as good as free and the easiest to convert. Good luck for tomorrow. Like many tomorrow will be the 1st day back in 10+ weeks, my prep guys will be in at 5.30 so I’ve got an early start, due to furlough no deposits for us but have made the appointments insure the cars to remove any chance of messers.
  9. Wow Autotrader have an operating profit margin of 70%, they’ve given you two free months over 15 years (while you’ve given them - circa £360,000.00 I’d imagine) and oh and some plastic steering wheel covers and you think they are fantastic?! I find it hard to believe that every one of your enquirers has come purely from Autotrader. Do you not have a forecourt, website or advertise anywhere else? I’m opening up again on the 1st June and list about a quarter of my stock on Autotrader, less then 10 percent of my booked appointments have come from Autotrader. I am really pleased you’ve made click and collect/delivery work that well for you and it’s not that Autotrader doesn’t work, its just that you have to be cost effective and there’s are many other ways to drive customers to your stock.
  10. The offer is only for dealers who didn’t reduce their advertised stock levels before the 16th of March. I like many did and there is no support at all. The majority won’t increase there stock numbers with Autotrader. Autotrader purely only exist for their shareholders and have made excessive profits off the back of car dealers for years, if they really wanted to support the motor dealers surely they would make their packages for affordable in the long term.
  11. Taken from the press release today - “Car showrooms often have significant outdoor space and it is generally easier to apply social distancing” It would make sense to apply this to all car dealers with outdoor space?!
  12. So the Mail did get it right.
  13. Don’t normally believe everything I read in the Mail but it does seem likely, especially with the increasing pressure from some car manufacturers and with JLR after a massive government loan.
  14. From the BBC News Website yesterday, “The congestion charge for people driving into central London will be reintroduced on Monday under the terms of a £1.6bn government bailout. It follows a deal in which Transport for London (TfL) secured emergency funding to keep Tube and bus services going until September. From 22 June, the congestion charge will also rise from £11.50 to £15. Downing Street defended the changes saying it "only applied to a small area of central London".”
  15. I think it goes to show how deep the problems are within the economy. Go to work, get the county going but don’t use public transport, we’ll then have to tax car drivers harder to keep public transport alive, as in the future we’ll be telling you all to ditch the car and use public transport again.
  16. Thanks, really enjoyed the podcasts, Nick is a good lad but I was really surprised when he said he didn’t offer a warranty. We’ve only ever used an underwritten warranty and we have never been great at up-selling it. It’s when you look at what I’ve spent over the years, it’s really surprised me. I’ve never used Lawgistics, are they a good company to get involved with? do you use their managed warranty service or administer yourself?
  17. I think it will be hard in the current circumstances to see the government launching a new scrappage scheme, we have huge problems growing within the economy, consumer confidence is at an all time low, the potential for massive increases in the level of unemployment, and the retired (with ££££) under house arrest, to name just a few of the likely issues. Who is going to be buying the cars? Its true that some of the car manufacturers have had very high factory gate profits but most have continually increased their costs on the back of these large profits. The perfect example is JLR they had one of the highest factory gate profits in the industry - making av £20k+ for every car that left the factory gate but they used this profit to increase their head count/spending substantially. They had already tried to rectify this in Jan 2020 when the CEO stood down and they announced £1.1bn in spending cuts, things will have got a whole lot worse for them since. I think the manufacturers will have a very hard time and we will likely see further consolidation and cost cutting at a time when they will be massive pressure on them to prop up their dealer networks. The franchise dealer network is going to really struggle, the franchise model hasn’t worked for years and was one of the main reasons I got out of it. I do feel for some of the smaller family dealer groups who have been finding it more difficult to trade successful over recent years and for many it’s likely to be the final nail in their coffin. I’m sure the car supermarkets will survive on the back of buying some very cheap cars from rental firms, ex demo’s and nearly new cars repossessed from franchise dealers and manufacturers directly. I wouldn’t swap my used car business for any of the above!
  18. It’s going to interesting times!
  19. I had this last year with a Auris I’d had for ages, kept reducing the price and couldn’t shift it, I then took in part exchange a last of the old shape Corolla and marked it up £300 less than the Auris, (the auris was cleaner, 18 months newer and with 15k less miles). I thought it would make the Auris look so cheap. Guess which one I sold first....... the Corolla?!!!!
  20. With the news that Estate Agents and being allowed to reopen, is there a chance we could also be opening again soon?
  21. I don’t think they can operate properly until we get a vaccine. The last auction I went to before lockdown was a nightmare, all the cars went through the hall had their doors locked and the windows up. You could’nt check interiors, keys, clutch, gearbox etc. Traders where all trying not to get near each other while trying to check a car/bid. It just really did it work. Mad as it sounds i’d almost rather take my chance online and try and claim against an incorrect appraisal. I think that if auctions find they can survive just by being online and with proper appraisals/resolution they might never need us back in.
  22. Some trades must be really hurting by now. Do you think van sales will be as badly hit as car sales post lockdown? Forgot about them being closed, I’m sure they will be back soon and hitting people properly hard! The question is how hard to kick them? Its hard when you know them and some are going to be in proper trouble.
  23. Today, I’ve found the phone has been much busier with enquiries than its been in the last week or so. But what I found was more significant, was that I had two old customers asking “Do you buy cars?” I didn’t go into detail, but both customers where needing to sell their cars for financial reasons. Just wondered if people were experiencing similar and if so what’s it going to be like when we actually re-open?
  24. I would recommend that people research the value of any part exchange they may have, many customers seem to massively over value their current car and under value the car they are looking at, dealers can’t work miracles and it can make it almost impossible to do a deal, as their budgets simply will not stretch. I’d also recommended that prospective customers be honest about there credit history, if looking to purchase a car on finance. Car dealers/staff will not be judgmental and it save everyone considerably time and effort. Finance companies are very good at uncovering every minor missed payment, defaults and CCJ’s so there is no point not telling the truth! The majority of dealers have specialist brokers/lenders that can help them get the best finance deal on the market for their credit profile. Prospective customers also need to find/check their Driving License and then bring it with them. You are unlikely to get a test drive with out it and you will need it you take out dealer finance (it needs to be in their current address) The salesperson will take you more seriously if you come prepared and put your cards in the table (I like your car but can you move a little on the price) is making their job much more straight forward. Your the more likely to get a better deal.
  25. Not only that but even if the dealer does manage to keep up stocking loan payments and sells the car, they still come back to you to buy another one with the auctions/stocking fees and so the cycle continues. It really is ingenious