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  1. We deal mainly between £5k and £15k a few over that and under px's, tend to find the £25k plus, hard market they wonder why ours is so cheap (aint got the overheads of main agent) but ours is discounted cos it is too cheap they think there is something wrong, most of our £25k plus have been sold to local people who know us and know we have been in business since 1947.
  2. Depenends on your bank used to be an ask bank manager need a business account for that Trade vet loads of my friends think its easy money becoming a car dealer think we print money its not they have tried makes me laugh
  3. The dates are key to this, yes you can tax a car on the green slip twice, but you need to make sure the date you sell it out of trade is the same day entered on dvla site as they taxed it, and paying monthly is a nightmare, if you do not put it into trade the same month the previous owner cancelled their direct debit they will get emails saying they owe dvla, and dvla are crafty if you pay for a month and cancel direct debit its not always good for that month can show as untaxed And good luck in your new business its certainly not easy selling cars at the minute with customers not understanding auction prices have rocketed and cannot understand why they are driving round in circles chasing the under £2k market which is flying out and the 5k-12k market much more competition
  4. MarkTVS forgot say say when you log in via the app after receiving the text and are told to isolate, there is the option to print out a notice for your employer if required giving the isolation dates, for confirmation and also ssp and this would be sick pay, I have just had a call from track and trace, which was put as a welfare call but really to check if I am isolating and I did double checked the isolation date and it from date of last contact, and the tests take on average 4 days to come back so the isolation period would have been 10 days max, I also re-checked my partner does not need to isolate and that again was correct, I think your employee's partner is a bit confused to put it nicely.
  5. Mark, I am actually going through this at the minute, I was disclosed as a contact by one of my friends, who has tested positive, I was sent a text message and had to complete my details and told to self isolate for 14 days, even if I had a test and tested negative as I could still become infectious, my partner does not have to self isolate unless I start showing symptoms, so your employee would not be required to self isolate at this point, they now text me daily with an Isolation Update advising me how many days until I can go out, and tips on how to avoid my partner in the house. The one thing I did not know is that although my friend got his test Saturday 20th and got his results Tuesday 23rd the isolation period started from 17th September as this was the date of the last contact I had with him. So I had done 6 days of the isolation period without actually knowing it.
  6. My father in law and his dad who were old school would have called him a dreamer, and not entertained him, 3rd generation we treat them differently just before lockdown had a kid roll up in a 62 clio sport wanting to test drive an 18 plate audi s5 at £30k, wanted £4k for clio (which had a misfire) which we offered, he then said I need to go and speak to me dad, thought no more about it 1 hour later he is back, me dad and nan are paying £10k can I get £16k on finance, sailed through auto accept paid out, we have had the poshest customers in demanding this that and the other and turns out their credit rating is so far down the toilet they are willing to pay nearly double through sub prime just to have a car that looks good, give me straight John Bull anytime, and congrats David sounds like a good deal
  7. I love it when they say I sold my px to we buy any car cos their advert said I would get a better deal as a cash buyer - no we want your px to retail if we can I don't need finance - so no HP commission (but to be fair these days it's negligible ) What can you do me for cash ( well I still have to pay the vat and taxman) agree a deal and they hand over a credit card!! that's not cash and it costs me more to take a credit than debit card. but the best one we had recently was a phone enquiry who had loads of questions about a car involved us running up and down the pitch in the rain (cos none of his questions were the usual owners, fsh, mot which are on our website) 35 minutes later, he thanked us for our time and advised he was only ringing because his wife had just bought the identical car which had gone back to the garage for a fault and in case they could not fix it and they gave her a refund he was ringing all dealers within a 150 mile radius who had the same car just in case he needed to arrange viewings for a replacement vehicle.
  8. I got pulled over last week for the tank to be dipped for red diesel checks, then had to spend 15 minutes explaining why I was on trade plates, where I was going, both the plates and the car was on mid, I was using our original set of plates which are actually the original metal ones that dvla used to supply donkeys years ago, police actually checked to see if they were real as he had never seen any like this before.
  9. We use RAC dealer passport cost £2.99 per car we check
  10. Is that a question for RH or me Ratt101?
  11. Autotrader at £32k a year versus others, no brainer and they have given it all for free, and what AT is missing is if someone wants a certain car they will google it not necessary do an AT search we all use google We are opening tomorrow and will be no AT advertising we have been in business since 1947 and still going strong
  12. We ditched autotrader nearly two years ago they kept ringing saying we would regret it, kept motors and ebay (which now includes gumtree) car gururs hassling us every month to upgrade no interst AT cost us nearly £30k per year plus va,t motors etc £12k per year inlc gumtree and ebay, and has been free for the last few months, profits have not altered since binning AT 23 sales so happy you made the click and collect/ deliver work for you, never happened for us can you share some tips
  13. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5eb97d30d3bf7f5d364bfbb6/staying-covid-19-secure.pdf Think its this one
  14. Saw a post above about getting a £25k grant we only got £10k where did the extra come from? cos would love to apply, however we did get approved for a bounce back loan within 48 hours we have no current funding
  15. I think larger dealerships will be allowed to open but believe mine which has small office space and workshop for prepping cars may not be
  16. Try motor trade assistant MTA I love it has margin and qualifying on it