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  1. Thanks for the response Paul, not looking to make the vehicles more profitable, more to reach a wider audience. I'll read through the links,. Cheers Steve
  2. Hi Stashio, we've just set up a partnership as opposed to a LTD on the advice of our accountant, the days of limited liability have gone, someone within the company still has to be responsible for dept. The fact you have a workshop and a bit of storage is good start. If you handy with the spanners great, just take on stuff with minor jobs to be done or you end up bogged down, and when you have calculated the amount of time youve put in you wont have made much. Good luck, theres some good fun and a living to be had!
  3. Hi Guys, firstly thanks for the help and advice given so far, it is appreciated!! OK, so as we get closer to moving in to our new unit I am considering getting into offering finance, any advice or recommendations would be welcome? The premises will take 15 vehicles inside and 7 outside. At the minute we stock vehicles that retail up to £4500, as we grow this will grow with us. Due to the area advertising will be done on line and visits to the unit will be by appointment only. TIA, Steve
  4. Thanks for the advice, all in hand.. it is a full repair lease but not planning any changes. Got a good deal on the rent and squeezed 3 month rent free period out of them. Looking into a new business grant but our local council are skint. No rates to pay as its considered a deprived area. As my back ground is security systems I'll be giving it my best. All our advertising is on line visits to the unit will be by appointment and there will not be much signage. Where this is you really dont want passing trade lol. Thanks for all the help. I like it here
  5. Thanks for the response, TBH its bread and butter stuff so I generally do Autotrader comparisons. As my business partner keeps saying "Its a bloody minefield"
  6. Hi Guys, decided that this needs to get serious and am just about to sign for a small unit (15 cars inside) all sums, risk calcs and new business plan are all done. I just need a bit of advice.. At the minute I buy vehicle checks from Autotrader but wonder if there is a better way? Is subscribing to CAP worth it anymore? Thank in advance Steve
  7. Thanks Guys Started in November doing ok until the lockdown. Had 6 weeks off but just started buying cheapies 1-2k and managed to move them. I think next year is going to be the test! Steve
  8. Hi Guys, Just to introduce myself.. We are a new small independent Trader in the Midlands. Will be dropping by occasionally to pick your brains. Hope business is being kind to you all. Regards, Steve