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  1. Yeah, i cancelled my insurance today. The post office employee told my friend that sometimes the system does not always let you process the v62, and sometimes this is related to mot/insurance. Anyway, the point of all this was that I thought that by going to the post office it could be possible to tax it at the same time as uploading the v62 and not having to wait 2-6 weeks, which might actually be much longer given the DVLA has 2.5 months of backlog. Many thanks in any case
  2. probably not.. would you be able to assist on the specific matter? thanks
  3. hi, I sold the vehicle to my friend yesterday. As I had lost my V5 and the DVLA is not currently answering call/emails to replace it, we opted for him to go to post office today to submit a v62 in his name and simultaneously tax the vehicle. He went to the post office today but they told him the application could not go through presumably because of insurance or MOT. He told me he had insured the vehicle yesterday, but the insurance will start tomorrow. I did not alert my insurance that I no longer own the vehicle. Is it the case that you need to have a valid insurance to be able to submit the v62 and tax it at a post office?
  4. Cool, I'll check with the post office and see what they tell me. My issue is that im leaving the uk in 10 days and wanted to sorted this out before, worst case I'll just leave the vehicle with my friend and tell him not to drive. Is there any visibility on when the dvla will return to normal business? Thanks
  5. Hi I am trying to sell my vespa but realized I cannot find my v5 and given the emergency it is impossible to get a replacement by calling or even mailing the DVLA. I am selling to a friend so he is not worried about it being dodgy. I have read that I can stipulate the sale and communicate it to the DVLA via mail with all the relevant details. Until now, I thought the buyer would then need to wait (4/6 weeks) to receive the new V5 from the DVLA before being able to tax it and drive it. However, I have read that by filling a V62 as a new registered keeper at a post office (and paying £ 25) he might be able to tax it and drive it straight away (after insuring it), is that correct? It is not clear to me if he needs to bring other documents? I have read he might need a MOT, can he use the one I already have or does he need a new one? Tomorrow I will go to a post office to try to understand from them, but would really appreciate any help, and sorry if this is not the right forum/section. Cheers, Gregorio