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  1. Never fit customers own parts, its a world of pain, simply not worth the hassle and if the part fails god help you.
  2. I'm paying £7200 on finance for a £15K car, how could there be a balloon...........
  3. Good article from Autocar on CCC: ENews Bulletin - SUBS AD V5 (SATURDAY - V2) (12)::hero_readmore
  4. JD Power Survey Results don't read well, eyes down Sir Ralph: J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Initial Quality Study Brand Ranking (PP 100): Dodge (136) Kia (136) Chevrolet (141) RAM (141) Genesis (142) Mitsubishi (148) Buick (150) GMC (151) Volkswagen (152) Hyundai (153) Jeep (155) Lexus (159) Nissan (161) Cadillac (162) INDUSTRY AVERAGE (166) Infiniti (173) Ford (174) MINI (174) BMW (176) Honda (177) Toyota (177) Lincoln (182) Mazda (184) Acura (185) Porsche (186) Subaru (187) Chrysler (189) Jaguar (190) Mercedes-Benz (202) Volvo (210) Audi (225) Land Rover (228) Tesla (250)
  5. First off the bat let me say, I'm a big JLR fan and always like to have a RR as user, however given the recent record loss, pre COVID-19 job losses, how on earth can he be paid £4.4M? I know JLR Dealers in the UK as well as distributors in other markets, they all have various degrees of frustration with the current management. The Dual arch, Boris like U-Turn, has been well publicized, but there have been numerous changes of distributors across the world, all of new distributors I know have are performing to lower standard then the Guy's they sacked. The priceless example, I won't say where, is where they had one distributor for Jaguar and one for LR. The Jag distributor had been in place for years and was a well known family company, with their only Automotive interest being Jag, the LR distributor was a large conglomerate with multiple Brands, including at least 2 competing in the same sector. JLR's solution to this was to get them both to set up a JV, so you have a massive PLC and a family business trying to work together, double the size of the Dealerships, and its been a disaster with an 80% drop in the last 5 years or so. Another market they had a really good operator, again family owner, lived and breathed the Brand, had a great location etc. Very small market, anything close to 200 units would be good going, despite having a good facility, they wanted them to spend millions on a new facility. When they said no, JLR terminated them and were without representation in Country for a long time, when they new boys came along they opened a facility that was substandard to say the least. I don't know the new Guy's, but the choice of models they bring in are baffling and sales I'm told on the floor. Would love to hear from some happy JLR Dealers/Distributors.
  6. I remember reading a survey that Mercedes had conducted in the late 90’s or early naughties, the results showed that an A Class customer had higher expectations than an S Class customer. Have had some corkers over the years a few spring to mind: - customer would simply drive into the workshop and grab the 1st mechanic and demand he attended to her car. We banned her eventually under the pretense she was breaking H&S guidelines. - Guy who had his airbag deploy in the motorway, we had it towed in and he wouldn’t let us work on it and wanted someone from the manufacturer present when the vehicle was inspected, along with the BBC watchdog etc. Despite my best efforts to tell him for us to inspect the car would not change his legal perspective etc, he was having none of it. So the day finally arrived and we had a throng of people, cameras, manufactures representatives etc, so we put the car on the ramp and once high enough in the air there was a large tear in the chassis where he had hit something. With the noise from the impact and airbag being almost simultaneous, he didn’t realize he had hit something. His face was a picture, never has “told you so” felt so good. - Then we had some woman who had nothing wrong with her car, but clearly decided if she kicked up enough fuss, she would get a new car. So eventually she wants a meeting with me, around 6pm one night, no problem with that, she pitches up with her lawyer in toe. Then says we are not having the loan car back until she gets a new car, I told her under these circumstances I was not having a meeting. Eventually with money changing hands she did get a new car. - Another corker was a Guy who had his car in for service and as usual we plug the car concerned into the diagnostics and the factory will download the new software with products enhancements. A few days later he’s back and kicking up an almighty fuss as he likes his radio on a very low volume and with the new software when you turn the car back on, it has a default volume higher than when he turned it off. His meeting with the service manager doesn’t go well and the customer hits him. So he ends up in my office, he apologies for hitting the service manager, he didn’t realize he has saved me a job, lol and explains his issue. Cut a long story short I sympathize with him and promise I will speak to the manufacturer who I know will do nothing and in a round about way tell him. This guy has the cleanest car I have ever seen and has read the instruction manual back to front. He leaves very unsatisfied, but shook my hand and I thought we had a bit of empathy between us. Anyway an hour or so later he’s back outside my office and waves to be let in, which I do and he asks me if he could buy me lunch at a very nice restaurant. The radio was never mentioned and as he ran a pretty large company we ended up supplying all his cars and trucks. There have been 100’s so I will bore you with just a few.
  7. Interesting topic, in more than 30 years in the business I have seen 100's of cars exchanged and all bar a couple (which we didn't retail) have found new homes without further complaint. I have often tried to find, without success, a logical answer for this.
  8. Are we talking about PPF
  9. What do people use and what would you Guy's recommend please? I'm thinking its a must and intend to PPF the Mrs new car, as the current one has some nasty stone chips. Also looking to sell PPF from one of our businesses in Europe.
  10. For those of us old enough to remember there was only 1 plate change annually the 1st August, it was the day of the year if you were in the motor trade. Mine 1st one as a fresh faced teenager was 83, when the plates were reversed and the A was the start letter on the left hand side of the plate as you looked at it, have I got that right? That was some day and we got through it by delivering cars on the 30th / 31st where the cars were ready and the customers were entrusted not to drive the car. This was a process I continued to practice with the sales teams up until the change in 2001, where 1.3 & 1.9 never felt the same as 1.8. I vividly remember as a kid counting the new registrations on very journey for about a month. Be interested to hear other peoples memories........
  11. Your not wrong, whilst only 9 replies, it would seem I'm wasting my money? To reinforce my thoughts I had lunch yesterday with a Senior Aftersales Manager, been in the Industry for 4 decades and never heard of the IMI. The bigger surprise is the IMI right all the apprentice programs for the Industry, yet still largely unknown. If you want to know more their website is below, I don't know who designed it, but it's a nightmare: So what other bodies / organisations are people members of?
  12. I would be amazed if he cut VAT, maybe some additional goods may become VAT free?