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  1. I was told by Audi that if I signed into 'myAudi' I can see the previous history. So I have signed up and logged into to the car? Cant find it at all. Anyone here have/had the same thing? cheers
  2. Hows it going Faz, any updates.
  3. So I purchased the guide and spent literally hours reading the forums particularly the FAQ's. Gotta say guys reading the forums and peoples struggles etc someone please tell me they have a good life and still enjoy this. I'm hoping people just tend to post more about the negative aspects that's why it reads a bit depressing. Anyway onwards and upwards I have a few cars to get retail ready so best get cracking. cheers
  4. Imagine if you sold a car to him and God forbid it developed a problem.
  5. thanks for the responses guys. Trawling through the forums
  6. thanks for all your positive responses guys, and yes Rory this.. I always say some people wait for the meal to be put in front of them and others go and find the ingredients and make their own. Thanks ST, I'll be doing that now.
  7. Hi guys, please be patient with me. I have been managing pubs for a long time but believe the industry is going to suffer massively due to covid. I have always been hugely interested in cars and through lockdown I have signed up to copart, bought a couple of cars with bits of damage and been fixing them ready to sell. A couple are just about ready to be advertised. I would like to one day have a bit of land and 30 or 40 cars on a lot for sale so please hit me with some starting up tips. thanks in advance.