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  1. yeah, have defo picked up on that. Prob gives us good chance to practice in negotiating and learning the market. Thanks to everyone for all the advice.
  2. Thanks, I shall have trawl through see if I can find. Honestly, I’ve never owned a car longer than a year or so and have only lost money on one (talking into account any maintenance/repairs I’ve had to do on any of them). we saved up some Mahoney for this “venture” and obviously every business has its risks which we are prepared for. Initially, it doesn’t take a huge amount of capital so the intention is to start steady along our day jobs and see’ show it goes. Personally, I think now is a pretty good time for a start up wanting to ease their way in. The way we see it, if it doesn’t succeed, at least we’ve tried :-)
  3. Hi Frankieola, thanks. With regards to us, we have literally just started (spent weeks reading through the forum), we have yet to buy our first vehicle, currently enquiring about a few, but scouring FB, Gumtree etc. we are researching, learning about values etc I did read on here somewhere there was a "how to be a dealer guide" but can't seem to find the link if anyway could point me in the right direction. Thanks
  4. Hey Johny1980, Thanks for the offer man, I may well do! Where are you based? We are down south in Reading. We haven't set up any FB/websites as yet, we want to spend a little time understanding how things like auctions work, try to flip 1/2 cars at a time, do it slowly before we advertise as a business as such. Besides, we have to wait until places like BCA open to allow us to attend to buy stock! With regards to facebook, either way , a business account has to be related to a personal account. Personally my facebook account and it's audience is extremely limited/restricted, so it wouldn't bother me linking the two. It's just down to preference I guess.
  5. Hello, Am in similar potion to you so wish you all the best :-)
  6. I've just recently come across him, I can't say i am too impressed, he doesn't really give much in the way of "advice", it's more of a blog for him to "show off." Chris form flipping cars seems like he is genuinely happy to share his tips/ideas to help others get on. Sorry my first post so Hi all!