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  1. prefer it online, just used to go to local bca to me , now buy from 3 or 4 more , which i wouldn't do if they was physical.
  2. price hike in August then
  3. website is like a acid trip.... im getting flashbacks already
  4. i reckon hes a long distance lorry driver with a Yorkshire accent .
  5. and it wont smell of piss and werthers
  6. Every cloud...... it will solve the pension crisis.
  7. its only the flu... and only killing those that are waiting for the final nail in the coffin.
  8. so you pay autotrader a small fortune for them to tell you should have less profit.
  9. I know him his names Hugh G Rection .
  10. yup same with me , could not give a shite attitude.
  11. not bought anything off DA since trader got involved... trying to justify doubling subscription with their usual bollox that they've added more features blah blah blah. in my opinion ruined a site that was working fine, and i guarantee buyers fees will go up with in the next couple of months. they can fuck off.