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  1. price hike in August then
  2. website is like a acid trip.... im getting flashbacks already
  3. i reckon hes a long distance lorry driver with a Yorkshire accent .
  4. and it wont smell of piss and werthers
  5. Every cloud...... it will solve the pension crisis.
  6. its only the flu... and only killing those that are waiting for the final nail in the coffin.
  7. so you pay autotrader a small fortune for them to tell you should have less profit.
  8. I know him his names Hugh G Rection .
  9. yup same with me , could not give a shite attitude.
  10. not bought anything off DA since trader got involved... trying to justify doubling subscription with their usual bollox that they've added more features blah blah blah. in my opinion ruined a site that was working fine, and i guarantee buyers fees will go up with in the next couple of months. they can fuck off.
  11. nothing to do with your pics or ads your just having a quite spell.
  12. wasting your time mate... lot of traders think autotrader is the be all and end all, they will just keep paying their massive monthly bills with their pants and trousers pulled down to their ankles.
  13. yearly fee doubled almost immediately , not even giving existing members of original dealer auction a few months to get used to site and then decide if they want to stay ,and i guarantee buyers fee's will go up very soon. i really cant see any one signing up where they would have to pay £99 a month..... anything autotrader get involved in is going to be a rip off for us.
  14. my names Larry and i love all women
  15. Yup yearly subcription doubled , surprise surprise . I hope it all goes tits up for the money grabbing cunts.
  16. if you laid a patio on the bonnet , built him a barbecue in the boot or the nice pvc guttering you fitted round it has failed in any way then yeh you got to put it right ..... you are not a car dealer as far as i can see, you've already done to much, be polite but firm and jog him on .
  17. i would say if your private you owe him nothing no matter what your day job is .... did you get car put into your name and get log book back in your name , or did you fill in trade section of logbook when you took it as payment ?
  18. car gurus, website and walk on's. car gurus, website and walk on's.
  19. came off Autotrader 4 years back ..... still here still selling and not getting raped every month.