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  1. and carpet (i.e. proper carpet you'd have in your dining room) overlaying the boot carpet
  2. yep - can't ask for much more than that, and certainly hard to get V70 D5s at any age for right money, especially with FSH, 1 previous owner and belt done.
  3. We only have a landline now (virtual one straight through to mobile so can answer anywhere). But I do get some requests to text to update on progress of car (say if there are jobs to do) especially from busy people. I don't mind this and find it a decent way to communicate, same if a car is back in for a warranty job. They can then text you back at their leisure and you don't keep missing each others calls.
  4. I've got a standard reply I send back to all Cargurus enquiries basically with our full details asking them to get in touch if they wish to view the car. Like Rory I don't think they are fake, they just come through on a standard template as thats how CG lays out its enquiry form and yes there are some bizarre names. I reckon we sell one a month, maybe two in a good month through them, so I don't see any point in not replying to the enquiries, yes 95% go nowhere but it takes less than 10 minutes a month to respond to the lot.
  5. Lovely start to the week 2009 V70 with 65k sold and taken their old 2004 V70 2.5 d5 se in pex, 116k on it beautiful
  6. I'd say pay holding deposit or stop wasting my time.
  7. On vans? standard mechanical inspection as per any vehicke wash hoover wipe inside touch in any marks then sell you can get away with scuffs and dents you never could on a 3-4k car imo
  8. Yep, don’t think I’ve kept one longer than 4 days when in part ex no vat absolute key
  9. Couldn't agree more BHM and it will likely be gone in under 24 hours. Last one I had was a Corsa at £250, owed me £50, rusty as owt but decent spec, didn't run right. some guy from manchester bought it blind and sent a truck down. £200 for 2 minutes work.
  10. Brutally honest eBay advert, with that particular engine in you will get decent money for it even with fault.
  11. exactly same as me then It seems to be mostly positive feedback which is great all round !
  12. very true this. Even turning a £600 p/ex Astra into £1300-£1400 can help massively over the course of the month.
  13. Very strong start here this month, both in terms of units sold, profits and overall the general feel is better and busier. Anyone else experiencing the same? It's nice to be able to say this as the last 3 months of last year were pretty dire. December being my worst trading month by a distance in 7 years. So far in 2018 January, February & March - Good April - average/disappointing May - Good June - Very good start.
  14. 90% cash buyers in my experience I deal in £2k-£9k
  15. Not sure why mark but some of your cars at the bottom are showing as £0
  16. I was price checking a few cars on main consumer site in the last hour and all was ok...
  17. I’ve sold loads of Mazda 3s - sports are popular too. Great cars
  18. We do well with Mazda 3/5/6 but once mileage goes above 60k on petrol then there’s a definite drop in enquiries...
  19. Take a few decent CC payments a month and it can really add up in fees.
  20. I struggled to get them looking good but our refurb man only charges £40 a wheel...
  21. We've done it before and it's worked, not everytime mind.
  22. My worst decisions too would involve working with/employing friends/family/relatives. It just makes sense at the time but rarely works out imo.
  23. 3 for us and one pending so similar although I closed yesterday