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  1. I struggled to get them looking good but our refurb man only charges £40 a wheel...
  2. We've done it before and it's worked, not everytime mind.
  3. My worst decisions too would involve working with/employing friends/family/relatives. It just makes sense at the time but rarely works out imo.
  4. 3 for us and one pending so similar although I closed yesterday
  5. Agree Grant, we've now dealt 8 out of the last 8.
  6. Yep same issue diagnosed as crank sensor i can’t confirm it fixed it as she hasn’t had it done yet though
  7. Happens on Ibiza’s too. It’s one of the sensors I will let you know which tomorrow
  8. Just closing up, took a phone call on one we had in this morning and only got 2 pictures uploaded, deposit left collecting Friday Really don't know where it comes from some times.
  9. We've really picked up, we've done the same amount business since last Friday as we did in first two weeks of the month. If it carries on May could really prove fruitful here.
  10. Can’t see why that would hang around if you aren’t greedy
  11. What’s the mileage? they used to be decent for young people wanting something a bit different and insurance isn’t that bad on the 1.5 1.6 sorry
  12. we just sold one through pre loved Is that one of motors feeds?
  13. Amex won’t do it One of our partners tried years ago and it was a big no no, its achievable with most of the others as far as I know...
  14. Think they all go on Qashqai's tbh, 6-10 years old.
  15. My interior guy can do them, I think it involves spraying in some fashion. He did a great job on a Qashqai for me. So maybe try a local interior repair guy?
  16. if the speedo is also playing up (i.e. doenst work) it's ABS unit, had one refurbed at ECU last week.
  17. Can Delroy confirm if the old MOTs show any discrepancies and whether this was checked at time of sale?
  18. What do the old MOTs say?
  19. Yes Rory they do we had a 6 year old one with 2-3 owners and they still did a window regulator under warranty
  20. They don't even charge me anymore for tricky wheels like Mazda with odd spoke patterns that are extremely corroded. any more*
  21. £100 for 4 we pay and always done a great job.
  22. Yep. Take it back less any usage and sell as is you will end up with more than you started with