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  1. I'd hate that though. Customer comes in to look at a few cars, and say they are interested in two of your stock. If you buy car A sir then yes you get your warranty legal rights but if you buy car B well I'm selling that on behalf of someone else and theres no comebacks or warranty..... Not a conversation I'd ever want to be having to be honest.
  2. You'll be the one that has to give the full whack back to the customer should anyone exercise their legal right to reject.
  3. Haha guess so. £90 a month council tax. tbf business rates were £600 a month when we got the unit but they were reduced to £0 about 18 months later.
  4. Fine by me cos 1/3 of nowt is still....
  5. This has been worse month of year so far but we have saved it somewhat in the last week. it started well, then went dead and we’ve put 6 on the board this week to take the pressure off.
  6. Civic 2.2 CDTI Sport 2007 with 60k A good friend wants to dispose of this car, only books at £1900 but retail to me looks way in excess of £3k, maybe as much £3,600-£3690 given low mileage and condition. Am I looking along the right lines with this one?
  7. This is how I would do it, on cars up to £2k say, basically part exchanges that are still too good to scrap and roadworthy but not new cars anymore. We have a Picasso in now, £1,500 80k. Its tidy, drives okay, and majority of bits and bobs work but the air con is not the coldest. So we won't advertise it with air con, and the customer will be told we haven't tested the air con and therefore please assume it doesn't work and if it does or needs a re gas thats a bonus. If that puts them off the car that is fine by us. Finally a note will be made of the above on the invoice. Personally I don't see how anyone can be more transparent than that, they have all the info pre purchase to make an informed decision.
  8. How can that apply if you are giving a truthful summary of your experience
  9. In future don't advertise the car with A/C and keep a copy of the advert and then you are covered.
  10. For me it’s smaller engine / high mileage syndrome especially in an estate
  11. It tells you the date advertised in the URL
  12. Not much you can do imo. Had one last week bought an ex car painter friend he told his friend it had had a smart repair at some point so could have been in smash result - customer left to have a think and lost a genuine low mileage car.
  13. Yeah civics can carry a few stone chips but most switched on civic buyers expert it (we’ve found)
  14. What year? I normally stick to petrols
  15. 2 yesterday 2 today so hopefully we are following the trend we saw last year and we will all have a busy end to the month.
  16. Is there a middle ground? Those doors are quite bad but a lot of that may polish touch in, and then go somewhere in the middle price wise? Yes
  17. I really don’t know as it’s a bit higher mileage than I’d entertain. But new clutch is big selling point surlely?
  18. Sorry and obviously I meant Sovereigns At least yours will look cheap (I hope!)
  19. Doenst matter what you put on the receipt / invoice you cannot legally get a consumer to sign away their rights and I think trying to is an offence. So definitely be careful here.
  20. Seen a clear dip last 7-10 days but checked back to last April and we are 2 ahead and that month finished really strongly so not panicking .
  21. Right mileage and spec we’ve always done okay. Had a few soversigns in and out in day or so. but only sub 70k
  22. Who the hell would replace a 6mm tyre? Does he buy a pint of milk, drink a 1/4 then chuck the rest?
  23. Get a virtual landline to your mobile looks professional and you can answer wherever you are