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  1. I’ve never had a bad word to say about Close - not one drama throughou the years and still quick. We sent new deal through today at 4.20pm and customer was driving off before 5.
  2. I looked into it and they wanted personal guarantee, so I left it at that. Didn’t really need it anyway
  3. True, looking back it was a right scratch around, chucked in what I had (not a lot), borrowed that max the bank would let me have and a small loan from a family member (paid back within a year). But it was a challenge and high risk I guess.
  4. Banks are so funny dealing with motor trade especially when you are starting out, I just took out personal loans to help get going.
  5. 7-8 years ago when we started we used to swipe in 10k from credit cards and use it for stock. Worked well at the time.
  6. Test drive yesterday...loved it but forgot his wallet so couldn't leave a deposit. Heard that before. Gave him bank details and said transfer it in when you get home. Low and behold 65 minutes later the money was in, couldn't believe it.
  7. Absolutely no idea where it's come from but we've sold 6 today, 10 since Friday.
  8. It was harder at first but now we've got enough money to fill the unit at all times so it doesn't really matter if I have 3-4 waiting to come in or in prep, we can still fill the gaps. But it wasn't always like that.
  9. Exactly. Admin fees across the board or raise price of cars accordingly.
  10. you are not allowed to charge any fees for any cards now, since middle of of January.
  11. they might not care but you are breaking the law.
  12. Tell them to transfer the credit card balance to their current accounts and then pay BACS. Then they can pay the associated fees that we cannot afford to over the year.
  13. SC Derby


    You don't want a reputation within the very same community for being a soft touch/walkover either.
  14. ECU Testing are 20 mins up the road from us and they have expanded to massive new premises, loads of new kit etc, so not sure if thats behind the price increases?
  15. It’s the 1.3 cdti that suffers from ECU issue I beleive
  16. if they've got the money, want your car and are not that far away why can't they come and collect it?
  17. Not had 308s for a few years now. Incredibly unreliable cars
  18. For the 30 day right of rejection it’s up to the consumer to prove the fault was present at time of purchase
  19. We’ve been steady since the turn of the year. Few quiet days but then we’ve bounced back. Hit target for the month last weekend so any more is a bonus now.
  20. I can’t imagine there are any c1s/107s that made it past 60k without a clutch change
  21. We seem to sell 2-3 a month from Motors or their affiliates btw, but no one else seems to...
  22. not helping themselves or anyone else mate.