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  1. not helping themselves or anyone else mate.
  2. Managed to get 3 this morning and all with the margins we aim for. Can't believe it.
  3. Clutch faulty 18 months ago but car still being driven today on same clutch. Come on, this should be over and done in 3 minutes flat should in reach court.
  4. Mazda 3 - battery tested fine, fault cleared, not come back on as of yet. Mazda 5 - both batteries knackered, changed and now fine. Not sure if the electric doors or other gismos have had a bearing on the batteries.
  5. Looking like the second battery is low on charge/not holding charge, but not 100% sure yet. I think they are going to try charging it and go from there.
  6. Got a couple of lovely Mazdas in at the moment, both 2.0 Sport with the start stop or as Mazda call it 'i-stop'. Both seem to flash up i-stop on the dash, I think its a warning related to the second battery, anyone had any experience of this? Would it be Mazda only or can normal diagnosis machines pick it up? Any help appreciated before I ring the main dealer
  7. 21 for us, 6 on finance which is unusually high so all in all a great recovery from a poor December.
  8. We pay £176 for 40 cars and it just works like AT ie classified ads.
  9. Madness. A few years I remember I would sometimes get stressed and think 'how are we ever going to get stock' when prices go like this. But now I think positive, all these cars going for silly money will look so overpriced if we continue to work hard & find the cars at decent money.
  10. 2006 Fiesta, clean enough, Freedom model, 55k on the clock, £2200 on the hammer
  11. We're on our way to a good month here. Two short of our target and so much better than December. Really steady flow of reasonable customers.
  12. These have always been decent little sellers tbh, although never had an auto - we've never struggled to shift one as a p/ex.
  13. We've done two Octavia diesel saloons this week, an '09 and a '10. We always do okay if we keep the mileage down. But estates certainly better.
  14. We always do okay in the budget range - sensible mileage £4k-£7k at retail. Estates better.
  15. I've got one sat on my land from 2 years ago, no one could get to the bottom of it and then I just gave up. Probably spent £1k on valves, sensors and more.
  16. Same re Auris See them regularly trade at retail prices yet if we ever chance one gets zero interest whatever the spec. Weird
  17. Yeah the last 6 months have been the hardest going in my 7 years trading by some distance.
  18. Yeah surely they can’t reject using UK law if the car is not in the UK??
  19. We’ve had a couple of customers moan to Close over silly things (one was an interior handle came loose after 5 months of ownership of a 7 seat mpv). every time they have been fair and I’ve not felt they’ve been out to throw us under the bus.
  20. You don’t need 2 years accounts. I was FCA approved and offering finance after 3 months of opening.
  21. We used to worry if we only did 30!! I think my energy for it is drying up too tbh.
  22. I've had some great Novembers and Decembers. Nothing I try now seems to improve response, and I don't want to go to more expensive stock either. We operated £2k-£8k I suppose. Never felt the need to go any higher. After 6 years of solid trading never having had experience a losing quarter I guess I just thought that was that.
  23. It’s very easy to lose a lot of money though, not willing to see 7 years of hard work go up in smoke (if things don’t pick up)
  24. Worst month for me since I started 7 years ago. Just feels so quiet!