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  1. I really don't get why anyone wouldn't want to offer it tbh.
  2. I had a full time valeter for a while and so offered to do some local valeting for people in the village and the local businesses. didnt make owt from the valets as no one wanted to pay proper price but found it a nice supply of cars being offered each month.
  3. I went to Leicester tigers the other week Good day out but no idea what was happening on the field
  4. I love most sport, football, boxing, snooker especially.
  5. £30 + vat per wheel for refurb £29.95 MOT Labour £35/£40 on mechanicals Smart man is usually £60-80 per corner or whatever, few buffs or touch ins generally £20-£30 Mini valet £12 Full valet or big 7 seater around £40 if seats terrible Dent man £25 per car
  6. 19 here, steady not spectacular and slowed down last week really
  7. I've always thought if you put the odd cat c/d/n whatever it's called now on your site, even one tbh, you risk getting all your stock tarred with a similar brush.
  8. No - you can definitely add a random number on and it will work
  9. Total schoolboy stuff if it’s not been put on the invoice sadly
  10. I’ve 70% of the way to a great month shame I had to pay the vat really
  11. If they ask me for fuel I put a tenner in, which is what 8 litres? Or if the lights on I will stretch to £15. End of the day, no one fills my tank up - except for me!
  12. Cheeky reach around sometimes gets the customers juices flowing
  13. Ecoboost most autos peugeot 1.6/mini/ds3 etc mazda Ford 2.2 diesel most modern Vauxhall’s
  14. Of course it does and massively so on brand new
  15. Surely if a new car gets returned even after 7 days that would add an owner / devalue it hugely
  16. I've not found buying that bad. Yesterday picked up an 11 207 1.6 HDi allure for £2300, 43k on the clock, 7 stamps. Or is that too rich for some Then lucky enough to be offered a 2013 Clio 1.2 MediaNav in black with 35k, full main dealer history incl cam belt change. That's a regular customer of mine. Then finally a 2012 1.2 Fabia estate today with 54k on....probably paid strongest money for that at £3k. TBH I've got more cars than ever, forgot where I've left some of them EDIT the Clio....WBAC offered £4300, Cap clean was £3900 which I was happy to offer.....WBAC then knocked it down to £3650 due to 2 stone chips (car is 99% mint) so customers more than happy at £3,900.
  17. 5 this weekend (one cheapie though so 4.5 really )
  18. the no engine story has made me genuinely LOL. Imagine the ribbing/banter you'd get for that...
  19. solid but unspectacular lost 3 deals to finance declines and 2 changed their minds....add those 5 on though and we'd be flying.
  20. Good start 3 on the board 3 pending tomorrow plus any new enquiries found restocking easy as well
  21. They keep going on about driving more buyers/leads etc but there is a finite amount of car buyers isn’t there? they can’t magic an extra million deals for us all to share around. im now at £2300 a month but may well reduce it to around £1500 before Christmas