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  1. solid but unspectacular lost 3 deals to finance declines and 2 changed their minds....add those 5 on though and we'd be flying.
  2. Good start 3 on the board 3 pending tomorrow plus any new enquiries found restocking easy as well
  3. They keep going on about driving more buyers/leads etc but there is a finite amount of car buyers isn’t there? they can’t magic an extra million deals for us all to share around. im now at £2300 a month but may well reduce it to around £1500 before Christmas
  4. Get a really good repair and keep your trap shut, imo.
  5. Yes a good/thorough schedule of condition is vital.
  6. If the car is nice as you say, get it done properly. Our local guy is great sometimes you cannot tell at all and it's less than £50 I think.
  7. We are 4,500 sq ft and can fit around 30-31 inside, maybe a couple more. And room for 5-6 outside. Very lucky with this unit at £1150 a month with no rates, only downside is not perfect location, lovely village but we have no main road frontage.
  8. I'm a morrisons man mate, love it.
  9. I never check the price of anything in the supermarket, just cannot be bothered & never collected a point in my life.
  10. You just can’t win sometimes tell someone you’ve put a brand new alternator on and it’s ‘omg is it unreliable then? What will go next??’
  11. You can probably clean them to improve. Crap and dust etc collecting in the mechanism sure I read a good clean and spray of wd40 can return decent results
  12. Yes, felt a right brucey bonus at the time. Then it went to 20%
  13. They put it down to 15% for a bit during my time in the trade, so last 8 years
  14. Same apart from a couple of Decembers
  15. Yes sorry I think you make a great point too.
  16. Younger generations just not using eBay perhaps I still use it as always had an account and just find it easy but a group of my friends found it highly amusing I still ordered things from eBay and not Amazon or elsewhere?
  17. Finding similar - very little through eBay
  18. Guaranteed to last longer than his first one
  20. Done a couple and maybe a couple in the pipeline but truthfully we’ve not really got started yet.
  21. I agree and also we seem to have lost some models that sold well or their new equivalent has died Fiestas 2002-2009 cracking sellers - new ones can’t shift (see other thread) Ibiza and Polo - again can’t shift now unless cheap as chips Celicas Vectras and Astras - laugh if you want but we shifted loads. Hate insignia and the gearboxes in them and the new Astra’s 307s great sellers, 308s NOTHING but problems Xsara Picasso brilliant cheap budget motoring and rarely any issues. C4 grand Picaaap maybe worst car ever made l. Cant buy a load of v50s, s40s or v70s with the 1.6d as have too many issues don’t want any ford auto power shift or early 2.2 engine so rules out a lot of those and Mazda 6s. Micra - k12 flew out, newer ones stick, same with Yaris probably loads more examples if I sat and thought about it 107/c1/Aygo seemed to fill the void left for starter cars when fiestas Yaris micra died a bit they now seem expensive , need to be sub 3k and also seem to be a decline. Also used to love a Tigra or a 206cc. But won’t touch 207cc. And Astra twin tops are wank Used to sell loads of Saab’s but now hard to source.
  22. The lawgistics warranty booklet largely mirrors the CRA anyway so it's not really putting you in any worse position but certainly increases perceived professionalism.