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  1. I had the same Saturday, bloke and his dad came to view a Civic I had sold that morning, took a shining to the Mazda 3 right at the back, asked for it out at 3.45pm. Moved 5 cars, then it needed jumping cos they'd been sat in it with the radio and lights on for 20 minutes messing with all the dials. Anyway they drove it for 25 minutes, 'really liked it' but need to bring the wife back to see if she likes the colour (grey!?) Can you have it out for us at 11am tomorrow? So I did get it out for them and did they come back? Did they buggery!
  2. You can stick the commission in a pot and help with the warranty claims ? I think one month we got £1,300 commission, that was our record if you like and that felt good, almost like two extra sales for 0 output.
  3. surely the commission you can make should come into it, 5 deals a month say average of £150-£200 commission nice sweet bonus at the end of each month?
  4. Sold a Fabia this morning to chap from Wales (RAC Cars) but now totally dead, had another appointment but he's just text to say he can't make it. Got Palace vs Arsenal on the iPad so can't be bad.
  5. Love customers like the ones in your second paragraph haha. I just say to them, if you find one at £1,500 let me know where it was cos I'll go and get a few at that price, drive em here and sell them at £2,990
  6. Two new deals for me and two collections Took a 2002 Corolla 99k T Spirit in part ex. Had my first enquiry from RAC CARS, he's travelling from South Wales at 10am on a £3290 bright yellow Fabia. had a guy turn up on the Civic I sold first thing but managed to get him out in a Mazda 3 and he is 'bringing the wife back today' - so we will see!! Bought an 88k 55 v70 d5 SE manual from Sytner which made me happy.
  7. thank you, that would be a very acceptable turnaround.
  8. Another Q - sorry to be a pain All docs were sent off yesterday, when realistically can we expect them back ? Customer is pushing to get his new car you see. Thanks again.
  9. I've just brought a Lexus IS 250 into stock and it falls into the £500 odd per annum tax bracket. It doesn't worry me as it's still a cheapish way into a 'luxury' car? Do you think it's changed now they can tax monthly, the amount is just another D/D every month, or should we still be a bit wary when bringing in the big petrol gas guzzlers from March 2006 onwards ??
  10. Thanks Jim, all sorted and sent off this morning. Thanks for the offer of your number as well for advice, that's much appreciated. Craig.
  11. So how are the customers going to show that any faults were there at time of delivery? They really should think about these laws and how they will work in practice. I think we all need to remember that most customers are quite happy to accept a repair if they aren't messed around and it isn't left for 2 months off road.
  12. Thoroughly agree. I don't know why it works like this but it really seems to. Unless in then busy times we totally ignore/dismiss the idiots and thus don't really give them much thought beyond yet, yet in the quiet times they are all we have so we get involved ultimately leading to disappointment. Had a decent day yesterday, Astra Coupe Sxi in the morning and V50 Volvo in the afternoon. The second deal almost hit a snag, a typical Volvo 'expert' at first reckons he's had them for years, telling me which engines go in which model etc. Decided he loved it despite wondering why it had a 5 speed box not 6, he paid deposit after test drive and I valued his p/ex etc, he was about to leave and said 'don't forget to drop me some diesel in it' 'it's the petrol model' I said, as he and his wife went rather red and mumbled a few expletives. Anyway he insisted he still 'liked it' and I agreed to give him 24 hours to make his mind up - I woke up to a really nice email insisting they wish to proceed and thanking us for our sociability, thank god!!
  13. I had this twice before, both times the office manager that worked for me gave the autotrader password to a false/scam email, and both times the same happened and the level of enquiries on 30k BMW x5s priced at £6990 was absolutely ridiculous.
  14. quick question, the normal v5 we send off, shall I just retain this then, will they send a 2 new v5s (one for each vehicle) straight away using the method above? thanks
  15. Sold a Mercedes C Class yesterday and took a Renault espace against it. he also needs/wants his private plate putting on the merc, I've not done one since the tax changes, I read it's now quicker but how does it work with tax, does he have to tax the merc first (ie now?) thanks in advance Craig
  16. I got my first 100% Facebook enquiry & sale last Saturday and it put a huge smile on my face as basically it was 100% free and self generated.
  17. Yeah I would still do so if space wasn't at a premium because it's not nice having the same car on your website even for months on end is it really? normally when you drop a car to what you paid for it or thereabouts the phone rings on it so you shouldn't really lose money in theory apart from cost of advertising and storage in the time you've had it, only if you have paid way too much in the first place could I see a problem??
  18. I'd say 50/50 mate. The way I approach it is tell them that with the advent of the internet and autotrader national search then they can price check every Fiat Panda/Renault Scenic/Mazda 3 in the country, so we cannot afford to be expensive and thus we price as competitively as we possibly can from the offset. Obviously this means there then is no room for discount here like they may be at other garages who price over the top. You can also say, if they are nice, that they must agree because if we were expensive you wouldn't be here would you? They'll soon get it.
  19. Ebay Classifieds/Motors Pro TBH it's usually the cheap end i.e. part ex's below a grand, but even if it only sells one 'proper' car every 1-2 months it's still very good value.
  20. I've been thinking about this a long time and have analysed previous sales, length of turn oves and other bits including margins and prices paid for vehicle. I am now implementing the following strategy due to space being at a premium. Proper margin for 6 weeks, will only adjust if response rate is at the floor. Reduced margin for a further 4 weeks, hopefully this should bring in the buyers. After 10 weeks if not sold at reduced margin, then price to clear and get money back, re stock and move on.
  21. 2002 Ford Puma 1.7 with leather, gave £600 for it January 1st and by my reckoning I've now had my moneys worth and it owes me £0 runs lovely too
  22. Had a mega weekend, 3 Friday, 2 Saturday, 2 Sunday, 3 Monday. Didn't give £1 off a car (tell a lie I gave £200 off one in lieu of doing the paint work rectification) and that's from a stock of 25 cars from £1,500 - £5,000. Personally I have found a lot of goof stock on the online auction sites (DA, A4C & Sytner) and having regular enquiries at the minute.