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  1. Not had a lead yet, been on a week. Problem I'm having is I put my stock on autotrader as 'due in' whilst I'm waiting for it to be delivered and upload a picture and company logo to say the same, this then goes to RAC Cars. However when I upload my 20 pics to AT, they don't ever seem to follow through and update on RAC cars.
  2. Have you done the VAT registration yourself? I'm sure I got my VAT number through in about 48 hours last time.
  3. There a lot of websites that the trade use to dispose their stock. Dealer Auction Full Auction Sytner Online Auction4Cars Possibly more that I have not listed Also HPI Bid has recently started although I've not looked into this. The advantage of this, personally, is that you can almost do two jobs at once. Be in the office to deal with customer and also buy your stock. No standing at freezing cold auctions all day!!
  4. We took an email Friday morning requesting first appointment 10am Saturday on a fusion we have/had in stock. They were waiting at 9.55am, car was sold at 11am, lovely couple and they did comment that they have emailed a few dealers in last few weeks and most haven't replied! It can be frustrating but I can't see a reason not to reply really.
  5. We did a survey last month We had roughly 70 enquiries from Autotrader, around 60 from footfall/people passing, around 12 enquiries from ebay but only 2 from Motors, so quite disappointing all in all (Motors). We were getting a few more from Motors over the summer months but it has definitely dropped off so we won't be continuing at the new higher rates.