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  1. Last 3 months we are still 60% diesel 40% petrol - which surprised me as I thought it would be roughly the other way round...
  2. Managed to do 7 this week which is best week for a while. Bought a few good ones too so hopefully carry on for a bit.
  3. because the perception is auctions are full of crap? We say sourced from main dealer, part exchange into us or from public, whichever is true.
  4. We had it work ONCE...Honda Jazz....but that is recognised issue, judder between 1st and 2nd.
  5. Unless it’s awful we leave engine bay and explain why. Got sick of people saying it’s been cleaned to hide leaks or whatever Probably once a month someone says they’d prefer it clean so we explain we are happy to do so for collection now they have seen it ‘as is’.
  6. Think we all need to start renting out Audi A1s
  7. Last year we did 2 Easter Friday, 1 Easter Saturday and none Sunday and Monday this year EXACTLY the same so far, so I’m closing fully tomorrow and going to the cricket and Monday I’ll keep the phone on but you will really have to twist my arm for an appointment!
  8. Yesterday we had the classic but we’ve seen one cheaper and the tablet comes out our car £4290 53k the cheap example £3690 79k By my reckoning that makes ours much cheaper
  9. Had it earlier. Whirring like it was trying to work but just returning no info....
  10. How much will it be worth in 2 years if I do 12,000 miles a year in it? How much will it be worth in 2 years if I do 12,000 miles a year in it?
  11. We had one over the weekend 2003 only 36k and red Phone melted at £3,000 Not sure how much more we could have asked for a 16 year old Suzuki though!
  12. that's the site I used. I would need to brush up again first though It gets very addictive, I even started watching some of the pro games online.....not that I knew what was going on
  13. I started playing chess for a while which was great but got to a level where it was that hard (everyone was too good and 5 moves ahead or more) so it got more stressful than the actual job. So I stopped.
  14. We need an explanation of how you can possibly choose not to/avoid selling locally?
  15. Genuinely couldn't care less who buys what or how they pay. Just try and sell as many as I can each month.
  16. Haha no but it has felt like that this month....quiet days then they come in patches
  17. 3 appointments 3 sales today Needed that - March back on track
  18. First dip of the year this panic but it's not nice to be slow.
  19. Same experience with council owned units. Found a couple in Notts that would have fit the bill before I moved here, but flat out rejected for motor trade use. Wouldn't even engage in conversation... This was 4 years still empty and one got let about a year ago!
  20. You can’t service a car without opening the bonnet can you? zero chance of rejection here
  21. 30 day right to reject - burden of proof is reversed for this to apply ie they have to prove the fault existed at the time the car was supplied this isn’t us being arsey but the law. So if they can prove fault was present at time of sale then they may have a case but still probably not with such a trivial issue. did you service the car for sale btw?
  22. You must fight against the health check. Two examples - Vectra about 6 years ago, customer got home from collection and phoned saying Air Con not working. We agreed them to nip it back but instead they booked it in at Main Dealer....told them pump and condenser knackered and wanted to bill us £1100. I said no way that's crazy. Eventually after endless phone calls got it back and into local specialist. 1 £37 re=gas later system was up and running fine with no leaks or anything. Crazy. V50 last year sold down south to the coast. Guy took it into Volvo and they said it needed £3,700 to make it good. Car had only done 45,000 approx and drove lovely. I could not convince this guy at all so in the end I gave in, went myself to collect it and drove it back to Derby 3 hours, MOT'd it next day.....passed with flying colours except for a very slightly cracked coil spring. Sold again 3 days later and the customer that bought it has since left us a glowing 5* review and his brother has had another one from us too! Can't give in to the main dealers, certainly never pay them. Daylight robbery.
  23. Tardis after I briefly looked into it....turned up today looks good.