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  1. the music absolutely killed me lol AD what about an old skool eBay auction? You don't have to worry about anyone seeing an inflated advertised price and hopefully it will make it's true value (whatever that is...).
  2. We’ve had two CAT D 7 seaters in last month in PEX Touran and Mazda 5. Both sold quickly and without much fuss at all but I wasn’t greedy...both over 125,000 miles too
  3. That’s brilliant mate well done Our record was two consecutive days of 7 when we were on Pride Park near the football ground. Not got anywhere near that since (did 56 that month - still our record). This is 6 years ago now... since I’ve been on my own then 5 is also my record but the 5 felt better than the 14
  4. It's a Volvo - Volvo buyers want proper cars even at lesser end, so personally I'd get it done properly and that clearly needs a new piece. If you get that bodged it will look horrendous. £100 is no brainer to me.
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    Bloody hell I’m worried now
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    god knows but I've been okay with the Peugeots so far.
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    Yeah within an hour or so generally, we do a spreadsheet at the end of each month, so happy to post it up at end of Feb and see exactly how far people have travelled for both fuels.... The good thing about being in Derby/Notts area is we are smack bang in the middle....good for getting cars transported and good for customers.
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    Anything up to £8k-£9k, rarely if ever go above that.
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    I try and stick to petrol but being doing a lot of Renault 1.5 dci and Peugeot 1.6 HDi in last few months. But we are on a decent run, only engine I'm actively avoiding in my regular stock is 1.6 diesel in Ford/Mazda/Volvo Of 29 cars on website at the minute we have 15 diesel and 14 petrol. Quite interesting this. Maybe diesel not dead after all....
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    13 diesel 6 petrol so far this month, surprised at that, thought it would be more 50/50
  11. Big if though. What if you turn down the initial buyer and then the car sits for 2 months...
  12. Would you honestly turn people away willing to pay full whack in person though? Seems silly to me.
  13. This isn't that. You only pay for every day you are in it, no use then no pay, except £145 a year to have it open. So if I am in it for £1000 for 5 days, I would pay less than a £1. Ie 9% of how much you use are divided be 365 days gives the daily charge.
  14. Only advice I can give was he was keen for me to say that the overdraft facility wasn't directly for stock - and it helped all of out stock is self finance ie no loans or stocking facility. It's for cash flow purposes allowing me to bring the cars to the market quicker - speeding up mechanical and body prep, PDI, Delivery etc.
  15. Oh definitely still prefer Bank Transfer, but we sold a couple of sub £2k part exchanges in last week and both paid cash. Both my local Lloyds branches closed in January so a trip to the nearest branch is an hour round trip and then however long it takes in branch - not ideal. I'm with you on the banks too.
  16. We do a few, but not loads and I always male sure I speak to the customer at length first. Unless it CF247 who just come in and drive away generally...
  17. Couple of bits I thought I'd share as could help others. Had a call from Lloyds last week, given me a new business manager, anyway we were chatting and the only request I had was an overdraft facility which I thought they'd say no. This was Thursday. Friday he rang me at agreed time of 11am and by 11.30am we had a 10k overdraft facility on the account, 9% is the rate calculated per annum so if I used the full £10,000 for the full year it would cost approx £900 in interest, so less than £100 a month. He said Lloyds are starting to focus on motor trade and gave specialist team/division to deal with it, he is part of this team. £145 set up fee. Second bit is I'm not sure if this info is widely available but you can pay cash into a business account directly at the post office. Ours has a limit of £2k a day, but they said there's nothing stopping me putting in £2k Monday, £2k Tuesday, £2k Wednesday depending how much I have. They said bigger post offices have larger limit (ours is just a local village one). There is absolutely NO CHARGE and the money was clear in our account before I left the door. Cheers.
  18. Probably 28 on site but usually own 30-35 with ones in prep etc
  19. We’ve been exceptionally busy. 4 Saturday, closed yesterday and then 2 more today. 16 for the month so far