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  1. We've basically done half our the whole months trade on Saturday and Sunday this week (8 deals). I really don't know where it came from but it was massively helpful and has kept the wolves from the door properly.
  2. We dont get full benefit but we can advertise everything that’s due in and can avoid rotating a few off as we normally do. think we are 28 and 4 bargain cars
  3. The voice of experience! The voice of experience!
  4. Its fine by me big lump to have sat round & makes overall deal very healthy
  5. Rover 75 sold Rover 75 sold
  6. First email enquiry asking if we can provide finance on it
  7. Well if the phone melts overnight (I stuck it on with a few pics and it’s not clean) then I can adjust it for Monday as I’m not in the office to sell it tomorrow. not sure on classic car though Alright I’ve bumped her up to £1500
  8. Yes we got two when we had bigger operation dead easy to get second set
  9. Yeah I’ve gone £1390, stands is £650 I think.
  10. It’s Connoisseur I believe clean as owt but on a 2002
  11. Yeah good point that our deals today 8k, 6k, 4k & £3.5k got 3 sub 2k part ex’s to go on so we will see how we do - top spec diesel auto rover 75 with 82k (I know) 2008 grand scenic 70odd k 2004 Clio billabong with 80k Fingers crossed
  12. Sounds like hell what did you give for that if you don’t mind saying?
  13. 4 today, 12 for the month. It's not gonna break any records or make me rich but the bills are paid in November and we have 6 days to add some cream on top (and a few appointments tbf).
  14. Yeah we have adjusted one and it's been okay (this one had already had clutch that hadn't been adjusted correctly), all the others have ended up needing a clutch.
  15. There is one right near me in Derby, but thats a good 50 minute that too far?
  16. If you get a good finance company on your side (Close for me) then I really don't think there are any cons. Extra deals, commission and increased professionalism in the eyes of some customers.
  17. I've got space for 3-4 but not managed to buy anything this week. Got a reasonably price Qashqai from Sytner last week though.
  18. Yeah we had this once. Sold a Mazda 6 sharpish after in came into stock and before we had prepped and so the MOT was still to be done. They advised corrosion under side of body. Decided best thing to do was to tell the customer straight - there is some light corrosion picked up on the MOT and they recommend an underseal. He was fine with it and said if you get it done he will still proceed, which we did and everyones happy.
  19. Trade platers running late that end up going home in your car?
  20. I've had the odd scenario where I've collected a car myself, but for whatever reason been delayed getting back so office is closed and I've not had keys on me as planned to get there earlier so ended up doing my personal bits thats night in the car, probably had running gear or pool cue in the back, wonder what would happen if pulled over?
  21. I'm in the let them crack on with it camp, we've had 3 this year. One went fine with nothing reported at all One said the headlight washers weren't working (they were but they don't work when car is sat still - lol!). He also said the alloy wheels had been refurbished. We knew that as we'd done it at customers request. One said it had slight oil leak from sump seal (it did and we rectified) all cars sold and gone
  22. We’ve basically covered ex’s so got 9? days now to put some profit on the board quarterly VAT bill included in that
  23. 2 deals today - one on finance really busy day