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  1. 2 deals today - one on finance really busy day
  2. Scraped 3 proper deals this week had enough customers to do 9 but some strange enquiries We are on 16 for the month so all being well early 20s looks on as we’ve got some decent stock. Infact some of the strange enquiries have been on the mint stuff we have!
  3. Same only 1 on board this week
  4. We’ve had some really brilliant Decembers however last year was dire.
  5. Sometimes a good way to get odd parts like this is type Dacia Duster Breaking into ebay Normally loads will come up and you can just ring round them til you get the bit you want.
  6. agreed mate, hate scratching around early on so anything around or above one a day is great for us.
  7. I am not going to touch any Ecoboost or Powershift Fords, ever.
  8. Solid end to September here (1 Saturday 2 Sunday) And a nice start to October (1 yesterday 2 today) Ticking over nicely. The two today a £7k and £8600 and neither wanted to test drive, asked any silly questions or anything, volunteered deposits and left happy.
  9. 3 today - all in last hour and two in finance On*
  10. Picked up this week but last week was dead as it seems it was for most
  11. We pay for our own but can’t see the point in keeping a separate pot as it were surely that money is better invested in stock than just sitting there??
  12. We got off the mark with 2 yesterday, two more umming & arring and an appointment today so not bad at all
  13. Put it in your advert and then they cannot argue.
  14. Oh we've sold a few cheap estates to Africa actually but they've not flown over, normally someone done the deal for them in this country. I think they strip the cars and fill them with electronic goods then ship them over, the cars are still worth something over there and it's much cheaper than a container.
  15. Vauxhall Signun 2.8t to a guy that flew from Germany and drove it back. And sold a couple to France.
  16. Super - looks a lot of car for the money. Good luck with it
  17. We tried to take a deposit pending acceptance at one point Just incase we went through all the paperwork, got them accepted and still they wanted a little think. Now we just don't bother and take it all on the chin as part of the job.
  18. We hit a sticky patch mid month but then sold 9 in last four days, so it's been fine really.
  19. sorry ignore me, thought you meant raising finance. One of those days
  20. How much would you want? I'd just borrow it from the bank (if you can). If you borrow over 7k you get the better interest rates.
  21. That seriously affects value then as that’s their main selling point imo
  22. What year is the C'eed, only issue I could see if if that invalidates the Kia warranty or not (presuming car is younger than 7 years).