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  1. If only more vendors would sign up to Full Auction, great site, just like the old Dealer Auction, the staff were really helpful if you ever needed them too, I really felt for them when they lost Robins And Day, it's nice to see the stock levels improving on there the last couple of weeks
  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Casper and everyone else in the forum, here's hoping to a prosperous 2020!!
  3. Didn't take long for autotrader to push the prices up, who else got this email this afternoon: As of January, your subscription will remain an annual fee, just £199p/a +vat payable each January. You’ll be rebated for any months you’ve already paid for, as highlighted below........ The new platforms awful, prices still seem crazy, really want to sack them off, if just a few more of the larger dealer groups head over to Full Auction it won't be worth staying on there anyway!!
  4. You say the car is still registered in your name, are you a consumer or trader? Either way I presume you filled in the yellow "transfer to a motor trader" section of the v5c? If you filled this in as you should have and took a copy of it and YOU sent it off in September then you shouldn't have any problem, you've told the DVLA that you no longer own the car. You should have received confirmation they received it.
  5. Thanks Casper, would definitely give you more confidence in a car if the latest v5c was issued years ago, as you say not perfect but really handy
  6. We always ask customers to text to let us know they're leaving. When they say "oh don't worry I'm not the kind of person to muck you about" I finish the call, put the phone down and say "they won't turn up", sadly I can't remember when I was proved wrong
  7. 4! Don't get it at all! Not enough wheels!!
  8. Had the same with a diesel Hyundai Getz, every call or email, first question "how much is the tax" , mentioned it to a mate, he suggested advertising it with six months tax, I sold it soon after taxing it, as the lady got in her new car to drive away she asked "oh how much is the tax when it's due" Typical!!
  9. Years ago we had a copper call wanting to part ex his old Chrysler Neon auto, I knew nothing about them so gave my best mate (and at the time lodger) a shout, he warned me to check the head gasket, the guy was 45 mins from us but took well over two hours to get here, he loved our car (after checking it thoroughly), I started looking at the px, popped the bonnet just as my mate turns up, as he gets out his car in his Chrysler Jeep polo shirt I go for the coolant bottle lid, my mate calls over "they have to go really badly to be any sign in there", I opened it carefully and what seemed like a gallon of mayonnaise came gushing out covering everything! Obviously the customer didn't know anything about it!!! Strangely enough the only customer who ever nicked the tax disc out their px was another copper soon after I started. He left the px on the road behind a hedge, I re checked the car quickly before doing the handover and then later he said he just had to pop to the car to check something.....
  10. Exactly this happened to us a few months ago, I asked someone to check the laptop to see how many lots away Enfield was from the car we wanted, I'd left the cursor in the middle of the screen, accidentally over the bid button, one slight movement of the trackpad and a click to wake the laptop up and we were highest bidder on a dog of an Audi tdi estate in ukcgr! Reserve met it was a tense few seconds until thankfully someone out bid us! The car was about the polar opposite to what we normally stock!
  11. Welcome aboard lucky13, just a bit jealous of your location, beautiful part of the world!
  12. Me too! Welcome fatboy, good luck back in the thick of it!
  13. Exactly what I thought when I've looked through the section at Paddock Wood, looks like a load of knocked about p-ex's with problems, the partner finance dealers don't dare attempt to retail.
  14. Parking is an absolute joke now they've moved the parking to infront of the main building, to the left of the entrance and nabbed the car park for transporter unloading, been twice on sale days and got blocked in both times. Staff are so stressed and over worked, one guy I spoke to first thing this morning was almost in tears getting so worked up
  15. I used to for the first few years, had a few burn me, clutches, gearboxes, wheel bearings, eml's popping up etc, then started asking to pop it round the block. Now a lot of the time the prices are in line with bca (or often even higher) I think it's even more important to test them. Especially if you've got to drive the thing 100+ miles back!! Fairplay to the op, I would have done the same!
  16. If he's saying he's had a replacement engine fitted maybe ask him to take a pic of the engine number? Ideally a video showing the car reg plate then finishing at the engine number?
  17. Would giving the steering wheel a wiggle help on a Viano? Like a car with a mechanical steering lock when the steering locks held to one side under tension from the front suspension
  18. BLACKBUSHE COLLECTION REPORT!! All went fine, key office took 5 mins, 5 mins waiting for the banger bus, after dropping another couple of drivers off we were dropped at the end of the row we'd been told, the car was where they said, drivers rear window was half open, but luckily it hadn't rained! We took the little pocket boost pack which wasn't needed, signs for the exit could be better but no wait at the exit gate, all the staff we meet were friendly and helpful etc, oh and the cars fine, pretty good really especially compared to previous experiences at Enfield! They are putting some cars thru there, there were 1600+ on Monday, 1800+ yesterday, 600 vans today and they expect to top 2000 in a sale next week, mostly UKCGR
  19. I'm getting a lift up Thursday morning, will take boost pack just in case, wish me luck!!
  20. Thanks Nick, great:) Thanks DPF for the number, I'll use them . I should have been going this morning first thing but was so tired late last night I sacked it off! Think I should just pay for delivery, or go up tomorrow, I'll see how I get on this morning!!
  21. Lol EPV thanks I was just checking Blackwater!! Thanks Tom, is there a taxi rank there? Or a taxi office nearby? National rail enquiries website looks like there might be, but there's no mention of one on the app!
  22. Blackbushe didn't seem crazy busy today, but of the 1678 cars in the catalogue and 60 plus we were interested in I managed to buy one!!
  23. Hi everyone, well, to all the Blackbushe regulars, which station do you use, got one to collect from the BCA retail (pretty much!) sale today, according to national rail enquiries Fleet and Farnborough both have taxi ranks, just wanted to check which station people prefer?