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  1. Lots have joined that London online bank metro to get a bbl, thank you for the link, it's frankly frightening, remember there's now over a million approved lots of dosh sent out
  2. if it all goes tits will these investors break your legs? if not and your busines plan is sound go for it
  3. get yourself into books kid theres plenty of margins in them
  4. nottingham does charge per parking space to business boots were talking of leaving over it I'm not sure what the outcome was
  5. I have a job in london bristol Birmingham leeds manchester Nottingham york Newcastle Edinburgh I'm thinking of buying a car to go to work in once I'm allowed back can anyone tell me where I can park my car at what would be a realistic rate and not approx €20 a day if theres a space left oh and I dont want to park and ride as that defeats the object of keeping away from the hoi polloi seriously? its 35 years since I worked in a city and back then you got an agreement to park somewhere and guarded it at whatever cost
  6. are you talking about the self employed income scheme or the fact she shares a property and thus is claiming the business grant as she doesn't directly get billed for business rates?
  7. Aston Buckley never replied to my request for charges so I've never been seen or used them
  8. what about one that says get back you barsteward front and rear maybe with a slide out string attachment to measure distances whilst in supermarket queue must be in old english feet and inches mind none of that foreign muck sontymitres
  9. So would I If it was a chicken it would be a month past its sell by date I asked you or said the other night Really? My point was in say 2 years time some bloke will be messaging you asking why it has a funny mot history on the car he is interested in buying because most customers are goldfish remember and forget the important stuff This is why we use the jimmy saville approach at work on the important stuff Ie say everything twice
  10. Mk2 good car but heavy steering Mk3 a great car but mk2 drove better sri Cough cough one of 8 offences cough........
  11. It was a road tax thing Under 1500cc was middle roadctax so that's why they were good sellers Used to sell a lot of 999cc fiestas too but only after the rings had been replaced by 50,000 miles because otherwise they were a death trap to drive with absolutely no go yet a fiat uno with the 999 cc fire engine in was superb