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  1. I like that is it a 3 seater
  2. If you are desperate for a car you will put in a stupid proxy bid to blow everyone out of the water because you know at the end of the day there's still a lump to be made, unfortunately so one else has done the same thing or maybe a few have, there's also Internet lag too of course Do I think it's rigged? No they don't need to with 3 billion in bbl, s floating about
  3. good point i know a trader who now has over 12 lemons from buying blind ive bought one to find amongst other problems it needs a screen,funny how the camera missed that one because driving it is like a slash in your eyeline
  4. I find faceboo k good to see who been burgled ,never realised we had a local dogging site that keeps popping up on my screen don't recognise anybody but then I don't see that many arses these days
  5. I always laugh when people say they used old duckhams cans,i found them too thin to weld I preferred old washing machine sides or roofs from scrappers just like you weirdly I needed a sheet of steel this week and my usual supplier has turned off my business account because I haven't used them enough this last 6 weeks so I went to the nearest large town to buy one this factor was shut too ,so I went on ebay the prices for steel on there tell me I need to cut a roof out again,i found a car door and cut this up instead
  6. best of luck with that one i phoned up monday and you could hear carols budgie in the background as she worked from home
  7. you are a limited company so litigation stops with you,irrespective of how much service history a car has and no matter how long the mot,it is highly recommended you put a clean fresh independent set of eyes on each and every car via a fresh mot this would also help your case if you ever had a screamer take you to court i think weve all bought a car from the block and a wheel has nearly come off at some time in our lives this assumes you are not having them delivered and just chucking two buckets over them,please say you arent doing this
  8. the montego countryman estate with 2 rear facing seats the renault safrane? 7 seater
  9. from 1 till 2 mon to friday gis a job
  10. hmrc are getting power next week to tax at 100% anyone fiddling,it will be on the statute books within 30 days,the time left for anyone naughty to confess and repay,the clocks ticking so some good news to those perverting the market