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  1. if they are all lowballing you 1500 nicker are your cars too dear or is it the same person wearing you down or another local trader trying to wear you down or all of them think carefully
  2. fresh mot proper pdi for things like everything works or note that it doesnt if you do the pdi before the mot you should get a clean fresh no advisory mot if the thing is any good,this always helps your price point at £700 is just asking for trouble
  3. well im glad i put my coffee cup down before reading this
  4. do you really want a reply to selling cars you have no idea if they are safe and want to sell on ? thought you were going to do the job properly
  5. you cant go straight into retail unless you are a finance assistant (ie not a proper motor trader you are just buying and selling a commodity) the real work starts by buying and trading on and increasing what is usually minimum start up funds this is why most of us proper motor traders started dealing from home after buying from main dealers /auctions peoples homes fettling and either trading on to an established business or reblocking to catch jo bloggs his missus and his cute daughter with no bra (can i say that) once you see that theres more money in retail if you can be arsed to do the detail its the next progressive step next step is car has fault can you repair yourself or pay to have it fixed its all down to time management versus funds versus diminishing returns so theres no answer really i started dealing very early in my life but buying cars from the block back then with proper proper dodgy full mots unknown till driven away by the way was a real curve ball learner as i had no one to learn from the mistakes had to be taken on the wallet
  6. unauthorised repairs road racing a street car
  7. how much???????????????????????????????????????????????????? no way get some huggy bear seat covers they are all the rage in putney.mate
  8. unfortunately the peugeot badge confirms everything you wanted to know but was afraid to ask
  9. 2 sales this week both distress customers one was a recommendation other was a previous customer where wife put her foot down and demanded a better car ppi payment purchases all dried up now
  10. do you know what do one means? i thank you
  11. # me too cant even buy a decent sandwich now the cafes are shut
  12. dont panic remember an even newer log book came out a few months back go back to customer explain situation ask them if they are willing for you to tax it and possibly pay the £25 fee at a local tax post office to get them on the road