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  1. What sort of costs are involved with getting signed as an approved garage? And also are they fussy about what they will allow you to offer as approved - as in older things, higher power stuff etc? We offered the warranties donkeys years ago and they were extremely fussy!
  2. Fluid change might sort it but had issues with 7 speed merc boxes something to do with contamination from water leaking from a corroded radiator onto gearbox electric gubbins (im not mechanical so please excuse my ignorance, last car had it was an 06 S350) and it ended up in Eastern Europe getting a proper fix but at a much cheaper rate than we get here in the UK. I also had this on an 05 E240 and it just needed the gearbox flushed and new fluid and filter and ran great after. This is the cheapest option so before you write off the car and throw it back in the block, try it first.
  3. Guys ive just read through all of this and whilst I am amazed that so many people fall for these scams, all I can say is that I am equally saddened as the amounts involved arent small and to some are everything they have. The greedy fuckers are those that are ripping off the people posting in this thread, these people just spotted what was looking like a bargain which lets face it, we all are guilty of as we all like a bargain. The difference is we are much more cynical and I dont trust anyone. If you check out a guy called Buster Jack on facebook - he has spent years fighting these fraudsters and works very closely with all the banks to try and get a resolution for the victims who have lost money. If its any comfort to those that have lost money, so many folks are in exactly the same position as you are today. Its happening so frequently. I see fake ads popping up on ebay and some of them are posting 3000+ adverts on there at a time, so so many are bound to get caught up. I wish you all well and hope that you get some financial restitution.
  4. 9 Not in every case David, and quite honestly, these were cars that were run across the block first where prices are routinely bounced off the wall to take it to cap clean and beyond. I've done ok out of Bin but at the moment this and another from Man heim giving me grief due to non disclosure of airbag warning lights and dangerously low brake fluid warnings/very soft pedal, yet they sent a driver out with it regardless on a 200 mile trek to get to me. Bin also but being told no mechanical warranty so sold as seen. I'm not expecting any warranty but serious faults like an engine lunching itself and a car with faulty brakes/airbags should not just been sent down the road undeclared at cap clean prices with a 'tough shit it's sold as seen' stance- do they want return business?
  5. Does bin or hall bidding make a difference? I've just bought an Mx5 that's had oil starvation, engine wrecked. Not assured but bca saying not their issue as sold as seen. However it was a buy it now, sold for cap clean, and reading the t&c's for buying now point 7 states that if the car differs substantially from as described then bca are liable. Got bounced around yesterday being told sold as seen and not assured so f. Off. No money in it with a lunched engine and the other prep it needs so I want them to take it back. Id be interested to know if the fact it was a buy it now makes a difference legally, just as it would if we sold it on ebay as a buy it now or straight auction. Either way, very badly described in an attempt to sell shite at an inflated price.
  6. Its as clear cut as it needs to be really. Then any recovery done is offered and should be viewed as good will on our part if and when we choose to exercise that option.
  7. got to wonder what the customers say when the above combo arrives up to the mansion with £600k worth of cars on the back of a rig like that... V o s a dont seem to give two hoots either as it does happen like this daily up and down the country and further afield.
  8. I just bought an auto sprinter yesterday and intend to buy a tipping car trailer to do just this job. Will let BCA and Manheim deliver for the most part, but im using a old van as a beater/runaround anyway and the sprinter will serve this purpose, plus it has 7 seats so the family can jump in for school runs etc. £1500 or less for a decent 4 wheel trailer and I have something handy when I need other cars lifted...crap when you are doing it by yourself but like Mark says there is always a workaround - this is mine!
  9. Got it wrong on the Vento, it isn't up for 6k...its up for 7 ffs. Mind you, it does look smart and the guy is also selling a 175k Diablo so I would say he could wait for the day it eventually sells. Makes the sale price of 2k plus tip seem bargainous!
  10. Its amazing value for what it is, but like James said, not much margin on it, less so if it needs any prep. Imagine the bill for a pair of boots and some discs and pads lol.
  11. Hi Andy, there's a place in Scunthorpe which are a decent bunch, BMS direct. Worth a call or email if dealers are too pricey.
  12. Well done bud, The feel good factor from getting reviews like these should last you at least a week which can only be a good thing if other things are causing stress. Shame you had hassle from the seat seller, Scunthorpe is just up the road from me and had you posted up saying he wouldn't help I would have happily collected and wrapped for you to get the best/cheapest courier organised at your leisure. A job well done and appreciated by decent human beings.
  13. Probably, That's the illness some of us have about liking cars as well as selling them. I still knew when to retreat though, the buyer on the other hand has to be in the shit and got totally caught up. Or is crazy.
  14. Moving this conversation on from mazda 323s but keeping it very much on the idea of the 'modern classic', I don't suppose any of you were in Enfield yesterday for the BMW sale (I have bmw Park Lane in my head but not sure if correct). Anyway, I had spied a 44k mile 1996 vw vento for sale on the bca app, 1 owner and no less than 20 main dealer stamps and being into old volkswagens I thought I might have a cheeky bid. Grade 4, out of mot but failed it's test on minor stuff plus it was an auto so never going to be worth fortunes. Got in front of the screen to watch a 65 plate Cayenne make 34k then a merc eclass almost 7k and the auctioneer was rattling through the cars rightly as they do... Then came the trip down memory lane. 'Gentlemen, there are few times in our lives when we are able to have a snapshot into what life was like 20 years ago... And here we have this opportunity' (or some such guff) It was like the world slowed down and I turned to my wife and said well that's this thing now going to be sold for fortunes, just watch. She turned round and said, 'why what does it cap at? ' (I nearly missed the auction laughing at her) So I stuck a bid in at £100, then they moved it up to start at £900, so I thought fuck it - a grand, it has to be worth 2-2.5k sitting pretty to the right buyer. It finished at two grand. Plus fees, plus mot and any prep it needs. Soon to be found on ebay at 6k and festering on some lot for the next 2-3 years until the buyer gets sensible and realises they haven't a mission. But, maybe it was a private nutter or maybe the trader is an optimist. Im still sore at missing it for a grand mind.