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  1. Asking a few questions,seems any colour other than white is sometimes a bonus as there are so many white ones around???? Not been body carriers BTW, electrical contracters.
  2. Hi guys,with the difficulty in sourcing decent stock at the moment,we have been offered a chance on 3 2107 peugeot boxer H2/L2 2.0 hdi vans, 1owner full pug history done around 120,000 but very tidy,all in black.any ideas on values,have sold the odd one,but not much idea on trade values,looking on autoraper,as uaual prices all over the place. Any help much app.
  3. We have fixed these before with a soldering iron, but we had to take tailgate off the car so it was face down on the floor so the solder would flow nicely on to the area required ,as"new year" said everything clean etc,Another way is to superglue the tab on and with some good qualtiy electric silver paint(got ours from RS components()dont use the shite car accesory shops sel)l,should work.Will need a few coats of paint with a fair time inbetween applications.Good luck,patience and being scrupulous is required!!
  4. For all our trade friends, we fixed one of these recently with the U173387 code in(missing message)We removed the old bluetooth ecu,handily (not) ,located behind the n/s/r inner panel(not in the boot,but next to where the left hand rear passenger would sit)you only have to remove all the rear seats front seat belt and inner panel !!, got the part number of the old unit,rang our local friendly Fiat dealer to confirm it was the correct part no. and managed to find one on in the Netherlands.Fitted it and did Proxy alignment,all ok except the voice commands were in Dutch,but you can downlaod langauge change from the Fiat blue and me website,did that and all ok,Bit of an epic but only cost 100 euros inc post for the part.Bit of persistance and we can fix some of these problems without too much cost,will always try and share these fixes and hope it will help others,regards to all,Peter
  5. We do ok with these,but as I mentioned earlier it is what we do low miles bread and butter cars to our elderly Southport residents!!
  6. Good work,well done Nick,we just seem to struggle with them,but do ok on our boring stock,7/10 a week with similar profits,I guess its just what suits your business or how you set your stall out,its what weve always done and what you do.Lets hope we can all carry on taking our own slice of the pie.
  7. We just struggle with those german cars,keep trying the odd one,but seems to sit for ages,then have to reduce them,so end up thinking why bother,and then read all the"Kraut" horror stories on here! We just took in a really beutifull 2015 1 series 120 Msport 3 door done 52000,but decided to trade it on,got good shout of £9000 on it,so of it went.Better for us to go and buy 2 £4500 bread and butter cars with that money,can see what we deal in
  8. Try a firm called Proflex,they do replacement heavy duty/competition bushes,get your mech. to remove old bushes get the dimensions and see if they can match up??regards,Peter
  9. If it was the release bearing it would be worse when the clutch is pressed(when the bearing is then under the most load)if it rattles when clutch pedal is up it sounds like the usual vw gearbox chatter,a combination of no dual mass,3 cylinder (uneven tickover) engine and very thin gear oil,as CRW says just have a quick google about it no solution,we even tried putting thicker gear oil in one,did nothing except make gear selection harder!!!!
  10. We got one today aswell,cant see any reviews for us????
  11. We all remember the "crash"in 2007/08/09,some called it a recession but I think we were talked into that,it was the banks/lenders that screwed up then restricted lending,when we looked back at our sales fig. from 08/09/10(retailing about 500/year (from a stock of about 40/50 cars),we had the best few years we had had for a while,then in 2012/13 we saw a decline to doing about 400/year,most of these extra sales come from people buying used instead of new when things are a bit twitchy,when things are more settled with little financial worries on the the news/media chanels then people go back to buying new,just my thoughts,could be wrong but thats how it worked out for us the last time the shit hit the fan.The finance experts tell us that recesions come in 7/8 year cycles,if we think the 07 crisis was not a true recesion are we due for a mother of all? as cant remeber the one before the 07 mess(too old!!)
  12. Whats the theory behind the two stroke oil Dave? tia.