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  1. I think AutoTrader have been fantastic throughout this, if you don't like them and you cant make it work for you then fair play, no ones forcing you to use them. Car gurus have been charging 50% whilst we've been closed and not selling, they've pulled out of load s of European markets, laying off staff, whilst not paying a penny in UK tax, but I don't hear anyone complaining about them. My sales like everyones took a massive hit in April but May I've done 23 sales so far, still about 10 behind last May but every single one has come from the Auto Trader and without it costing me a penny. I for one want to thank them for what they've done because I really believe without them I'm not sure I'd have managed to get through this. and the double stock will be most welcome for the coming weeks. I 've never been a massive fan but the facts and evidence prove that I get the best ROI from them by far than any other website Ive ever used. this wont be a popular post as everyone hates em but seriously I couldnt have survived without them and am really grateful of their support in the past couple of months, my rep of 15 years even posted me a load of disposable steering wheel covers.
  2. Yeah great work all, received the confirmation yesterday morning - thanks
  3. confused now, on a whatsapp traders group for Birmingham and one of the VW guys posted this, this morning - NFDA Clarifies BEIS Position on Online Sales and Deliveries Following recent articles concerning comments attributed to BEIS in connection with remote (online) sales and deliveries by certain media publications, the NFDA have spoken to a senior official in BEIS for clarification. The clarification obtained can be summarised as follows: Contrary to media reports, no official statement has been released by BEIS in the last few days regarding dealers’ entitlement to sell remotely and deliver cars to customers. It was suggested that the comments attributed to BEIS yesterday by some parts of the automotive media, would have come from a member of the BEIS press office and should not be taken as official guidance; nor should they be taken as a statement or recommendation that dealers should open, sell online or deliver vehicles etc. It is not up to BEIS to determine the commercial approaches taken by businesses. The position of BEIS has not changed from earlier guidance. BEIS’ position is that a retailer’s (dealer’s) decision to sell remotely (including online) and deliver products remains exclusively a decision for the dealer. This decision will naturally be informed by a range of considerations arising from the present COVID-19 crisis, not simply whether the dealer technically has the right to sell online and deliver cars in accordance with Government guidance. As an aside, if one party were to be forcing or applying pressure to another party to trade and deliver products to customers at the present time – where the latter was not comfortable that all of the relevant precautions could be taken or was otherwise ill-equipped to do so as a result of issues connected with COVID-19 - this would raise concerns, and is something that should be reported to BEIS. BEIS has no immediate plans to issue further guidance to supplement or amend that already issued in the previous weeks by the COVID-19 Response Team of the Cabinet Office. Businesses should, if they require further guidance at this stage, - including in terms of the precautions to follow if choosing to sell remotely and offer deliveries (which is an option as already explained by the likes of the NFDA) - seek it from responsible and professional trade bodies, such as the NFDA and SMMT https://www.nfda-uk.co.uk/industry-issues/nfda-clarifies-beis-position-on-online-sales-and-deliveries#entry what did you get confirmation of James, doesnt look like anythings changed or is this just for main dealers?
  4. Hope you and yours are safe and well Casper, I wont be delivering through this until we're allowed to reopen the showroom, dont do a lot of deliveries and not rushing into it now just for the sake of it and as you say I cant 100% guarantee its not making the problem worse, I'm currently looking after my 89 yr old dad and keeping him safe and looked after is my prioriity right now, good luck to those that can though, Im not saying theres anything wrong with it just not for me right now hope everyones OK
  5. what do you think about this James Baggot? not sure what to make of it myself, thanks for posting
  6. so theyre not charging you 50%? even better news
  7. Good news for Cargurus users, what do you think? https://www.am-online.com/news/supplier-news/2020/04/02/cargurus-extends-50-coronavirus-lockdown-discount-into-may
  8. Umesh, please please please withdraw this petition for goodness sake, this is madness and not the time for this. we have enough bad press about the motortrade without this. why dont you and your club tell us what support you're giving, what advice you have for us, I'd gladly sign a petition to give nurses a 50% pay increase not help car sales people recoup bonuses. this is sheer madness. I have 2 sales people who I'm paying their average for next 2 months, then Ive said we'll look at it again. we all need to be in this together as a nation to help people stay safe, stay at home and protect the NHS, not protect the bonuses of car salesman. This will reflect really badly on us and I want no part of it. How much would it cost taxpayers to do this? how many hospotial beds, ventilators and nurses salaries would that pay for? You need to stop this immeadiatley you are showing no concern or passion just making us look greedy and self serving, please withdraw it before we all look like fools stay safe, and look after one another
  9. Agree with Rory, service is still ticking over, epecting to close full time when we go to full lockdown, have 5 technicicans , their saftey is the most important and have them now working flexi time to avoid contact amongst themselves, everything now by appointment only, sending walk ins away (believe it or not had 2 yesterday!!) had 3 people cock on pending sales quoting current conditions. Delivered one to home for a 48hr test drive on Saturday afternoon, sent the guy a video prior to the test dirve of us cleaning and disinfecting, first time ever and today he's rang to say he's keeping it so glimmer of hope still, What are you guys doing if anything differnetly that seems to be working?
  10. Well I dont mind, saves me around £3000, and with the extra stock its a welcome and much needed boost for us, its the only place that has ever worked for us in terms of actual sales and return on spend and I think its a very positve move personally. no one else has offered me any help right now
  11. Fill yer boots whilst you can I say, they dont give much away for nothing, just got another 10 cars on for free this morning, Thanks, cutting back is the last thing I want to be doing right now. even thinking about going back onto motors
  12. Well said, it doesnt take much for us to talk ourselves into recession. thankfully not noticed much of a difference, if anything Feb was a bumper month. Workshop has had a few cancellations but still selling more directly online with deposits unseen, we deliver nationwide so that helps. We've got to keep our heads and continue as normal. mate of mine cancelled everything last month, Motors, autotrader, facebook, ebay, and is now complaining his sales have virtually stopped, thanks to the Coronavirus!!! - NO shit Sherlock! Noticed stock at auction coming back to somewhere near book - theres opportunities out there lot of interest in my cheaper end stock, more than usual, not sure why?
  13. bargains gone up to £2k instead of £1,500 - If you stock that end of the market, not me but some will benefit I suppose, mines up by 5% as Im currently paying for retail checker so not so bad now thats free. Dealer on the same road as me is with cargurus and says his bill automatically rolled up by 75% after his first 12 months so it must be that time of year,
  14. I dont like the hgh price markers but doesnt seem to be putting people off, I track everything, not just the phone calls but the people who just rock up without emails, calls etc. 80% come from AT and I'm not the cheapest, 4 sales out of 10 last week had high price flags but as theyre great cars with nice spec, one owner, serviced etc. they bought them from me. you need to shout about why you think it deserves that high price. lets hope they see sense though as its definitey not made the job any easier, just need to work a bit harder and smarter but at a time in my life when I want to be taking it easier