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  1. what do you think about this James Baggot? not sure what to make of it myself, thanks for posting
  2. so theyre not charging you 50%? even better news
  3. Good news for Cargurus users, what do you think? https://www.am-online.com/news/supplier-news/2020/04/02/cargurus-extends-50-coronavirus-lockdown-discount-into-may
  4. Umesh, please please please withdraw this petition for goodness sake, this is madness and not the time for this. we have enough bad press about the motortrade without this. why dont you and your club tell us what support you're giving, what advice you have for us, I'd gladly sign a petition to give nurses a 50% pay increase not help car sales people recoup bonuses. this is sheer madness. I have 2 sales people who I'm paying their average for next 2 months, then Ive said we'll look at it again. we all need to be in this together as a nation to help people stay safe, stay at home and protect the NHS, not protect the bonuses of car salesman. This will reflect really badly on us and I want no part of it. How much would it cost taxpayers to do this? how many hospotial beds, ventilators and nurses salaries would that pay for? You need to stop this immeadiatley you are showing no concern or passion just making us look greedy and self serving, please withdraw it before we all look like fools stay safe, and look after one another
  5. Agree with Rory, service is still ticking over, epecting to close full time when we go to full lockdown, have 5 technicicans , their saftey is the most important and have them now working flexi time to avoid contact amongst themselves, everything now by appointment only, sending walk ins away (believe it or not had 2 yesterday!!) had 3 people cock on pending sales quoting current conditions. Delivered one to home for a 48hr test drive on Saturday afternoon, sent the guy a video prior to the test dirve of us cleaning and disinfecting, first time ever and today he's rang to say he's keeping it so glimmer of hope still, What are you guys doing if anything differnetly that seems to be working?
  6. Well I dont mind, saves me around £3000, and with the extra stock its a welcome and much needed boost for us, its the only place that has ever worked for us in terms of actual sales and return on spend and I think its a very positve move personally. no one else has offered me any help right now
  7. Fill yer boots whilst you can I say, they dont give much away for nothing, just got another 10 cars on for free this morning, Thanks, cutting back is the last thing I want to be doing right now. even thinking about going back onto motors
  8. Well said, it doesnt take much for us to talk ourselves into recession. thankfully not noticed much of a difference, if anything Feb was a bumper month. Workshop has had a few cancellations but still selling more directly online with deposits unseen, we deliver nationwide so that helps. We've got to keep our heads and continue as normal. mate of mine cancelled everything last month, Motors, autotrader, facebook, ebay, and is now complaining his sales have virtually stopped, thanks to the Coronavirus!!! - NO shit Sherlock! Noticed stock at auction coming back to somewhere near book - theres opportunities out there lot of interest in my cheaper end stock, more than usual, not sure why?
  9. bargains gone up to £2k instead of £1,500 - If you stock that end of the market, not me but some will benefit I suppose, mines up by 5% as Im currently paying for retail checker so not so bad now thats free. Dealer on the same road as me is with cargurus and says his bill automatically rolled up by 75% after his first 12 months so it must be that time of year,
  10. I dont like the hgh price markers but doesnt seem to be putting people off, I track everything, not just the phone calls but the people who just rock up without emails, calls etc. 80% come from AT and I'm not the cheapest, 4 sales out of 10 last week had high price flags but as theyre great cars with nice spec, one owner, serviced etc. they bought them from me. you need to shout about why you think it deserves that high price. lets hope they see sense though as its definitey not made the job any easier, just need to work a bit harder and smarter but at a time in my life when I want to be taking it easier
  11. I tend to stay well away from 500's, stupid new deals from franchised dealers always meant the odd one I stocked hung around too long for my liking. I dont tend to aim for any particular profile of stock just try to stay away from what the local franchise dealers are stocking, find that anything too new (under 3 years for me) and punters seem to want to buy them from a main dealer - just my experience, I know it works for many others but not me. Small and mid range stuff, Golfs, A3, Yaris, Focus, Fiesta, Corsa, Quashqai, midsize SUV's etc nothing too flash or heavy around £5k-£15k max, every dealer around me wants to stock big German diesels so I leave it to them, would prefer to be busy getting £600-£800 per bonnet and selling every 20 days than sitting on something for 50 days and make a grand. I do have the luxury o four service/mot and bodyshop and try and tie all local sales into service plans so get more revenue out of every sale hence maybe lower margin on the actual bonnet
  12. according to my portal the latest says 42.3 Daily adviews vs 31.8 similar ads. suppose it only takes 1 adview if its the right one. Ive seen individual cars get 100's of daily adviews and in stock for 50 days then a low performer with 20 ad views sell within 5-6 days. on the whole though I reckon the higest adviews are a good indicator of cars that are closest to selling next.
  13. sold 7 this week, 4 of which had high price on them, customers dont mention them on the whole and dont haggle at all nowadays, seem to sell them quicker when they do have a good or great price tag though and punters happy to pay screen price when I point them out
  14. Motor Trade Delivery for me, beat any quote, must have done 100 last year since moving from Movex, saved a fortune and no issues on any. We try and ask for same driver (Brilliant chap called Micheal) always on time, and knows how to do a great handover, many of our reviews mention him by name. different chap does the auction pick ups and he's spot on as well