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  1. Similar thing happened to me a few years ago, I'm afraid if you didn't have it on the MID and depending on how much of jobsworth the officer is you might be looking at 6 points, sorry!
  2. Haha it’s not easy at first, it’s an absolute pain in the arse!!! Although It’s like starting all over again using one of those bloody gimbals things!!
  3. If you want to do an edited 1 minute vid instead of a walk around do 10, 6 second shots, then wack them into iMovie and edit, once you're in the swing each video shouldn't take more than 20mins
  4. Probably best to put it back through the auction you might get more than what you paid for it putting it through privately
  5. Your 100% right to always aim for the big margins and I always do but I just don’t see the point in holding out for big margins with anything that’s been in stock for over 60 - 90 days, get rid, get a nice part ex, a bit of finance commission or reinvest and keep the ball rolling, although I did see a great quote the other day “affluence breeds impatience and impatience undermines well being, you don’t see many poor impatient people”
  6. If you were to sell your house with an estate agent and they told you they didn't advertise on Rightmove, its probably likely you wouldn't go with that agent. I had a mini in stock for nearly 7 months and in the end reduced it to cost on trader as soon as I done this I got a cracking 1 series in chop sold it 3 days later and made £1200, exactly the same scenario with a Bmax, took a Meriva in swap sold it 1 week later with another good margin. For me Its all about opportunity and keeping the cashflow going, yes I don't want to be a busy fool but the days of waiting for big margins never seems to come if I'm not moving stock quickly then when are the good opportunity's going to come? I'd rather turn each car over 7 times a year with smaller margin than turning a car over twice a year with big margins.
  7. Need a trusted mechanic Carlisle area if anyone can recommend? sold a Jimny a couple of weeks ago, customer rang to let us know gearbox has packed in, the garage has quoted a fortune to the customer, it’s only got 20k miles on the clock and it’s an elderly lady, We’ve said we’ll get it ourselves and bring back to South Yorkshire but if anyone is local before we do, please let us know, thanks, David
  8. This debate will go on forever, the only way to know if you can live without trader is to give it a year not using it and do the maths.
  9. Facebook is not something we use to sell cars, BUT it works brilliantly for potential customers to see who you are, see your reviews, what your about and create confidence, most of our enquiries come through our Facebook page, nearly everyday we get at least one message enquiring about a car. The youth of today don’t want to RING you they want to PM you (private message) its the best free way to create confidence, it will take time to build your page up, get likes, create content and get in a routine but once you do it’s really easy, it’s the future and yes it’s annoying learning all these new social media apps but it will be worth it
  10. When we were trying to buy a car for my mother, there were 3 things we used, price, distance, colour and mileage, she just looked at the pictures, the one my mother fell in love with was one the worst ads you've ever seen, no description, terrible pictures but it was in the right price range, right mileage, etc etc..........thats why so many dealers that just plonk pictures in ads still do ok.
  11. I’m always open to change but this is terrible, Autotrader if your reading you need to sort this out, portal on the iPad is too complicated!!! Too much going on, I always remember Autotrader saying when they change things they do it in small increments to not confuse people but bloody hell this is taking the Michael!!!
  12. Yep that was me! And yes it can be demoralising when you work out some margins especially on the cheaper cars, sometimes I’m too organised, a couple of things I don’t take off my margins is petrol and ad cost but mechanics and paintwork I always do. Nik your ads are amazing, when I first got into this game and my wife suggested our business name (very similar too yours) obviously I seen your ads and they were really inspiring, we should all play to our strengths and personally I think you should just sod the videos off, your pics sell the car to people, they create the desire that gives you an edge
  13. Its that horrible 1.0 litre engine on a chain, hope its buggered and he has to scrap it