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  1. Agree with barclaywoodmotorco been renting off the same lady since 2006 she has always sorted any problems i've had leaking roofs etc. Hopefully I will receive the 10k government grant which will keep things going for the next 3 months, my accountant seems to think if it goes passed that there will another 10k top up from the government.
  2. I stopped my valeter steam cleaning engines over a year ago after a very costly fix on a 1.6 TDi Skoda Fabia got water into it. Just wondering what everyone is doing now in so far as making the engine bay presentable, any special products out there that do a safe job?
  3. Hi Guys Got fixed up used bluetooth module via breaker on ebay £125 + VAT, just fitted it, works a treat. Customer collecting CLS on Saturday....Happy days.... Thanks for everyone's input...much appreciated
  4. Ive gone down the parrot bluetooth route he does'nt like them he wants to be able to answer the phone using the telephone symbol on the steering wheel. Thanks EPV Ive checked in the centre console and theirs a plastic cover which under it has a connector presumably for some old nokia or something. Ive got a seperate owners manual for Comand/Comand APS. Is this what you have? I just can't seem to seem to find anything relating to blue tooth. On the first page under telephone it says you can only use the comand telephone function if your vehicle is fitted with a mobile phone cradle into which you can plug specific mobile phones? Mark 101 and Row do you have the ebay item number for this module if you think it will work. Thanks
  5. Morning Ive got customer hot to buy on a 2007 Mercedes CLS V6 AUTO we have, but he won't buy the car without a bluetooth set up. It has the merc phone facility fitted but no bluetooth from what I can see. It does have an aux socket in the glovebox though, is there anything I can buy to convert from the aux socket or upgrade the phone side of things. Many Thanks
  6. Ive got a 2011 Seat Altea 1.6 TDi which has a definite clunk noise coming from the front of the car just as it hits the biting point on the clutch and you pull away. Replaced drop links and also discs and pads (mechanic thought it was the pads moving around?) still no different. Ive had it to two different indies who have both had it for couple of days and cannot find anything. Problem is the car is sold and had a cherished number put on it and my customer won't take the car until its rectified and he is starting to get a bit impatient.....Anyone had a similar problem on this model....Any pointers would be appreciated.
  7. Seem to getting bombarded with free gifts from the RAC dealer network at the minute, power bank for a mobile and a wireless mouse just arrived today. So Ive had a look at their website and its fill the form in and someone will call you to make an appointment. I quite like the strong RAC branding but just wondering if anyone on here is actually an approved dealer for them and if so any pitfalls? warranty cover/ claims etc, Is their approved PDI overly strict?....Any pointers gladly accepted.
  8. Just took a 2010 Peugeot 3008 in swop and the LCD display that sits above the radio showing which station you are on is distorted. Just priced it up with main dealer £255 + VAT . Anybody know if these can be refurbished and if so who does it....Thanks
  9. Been using Close Bros for quite a few years now, happy with the service, payout speed etc but I was wondering if I'm getting the best commission rates out there, which lets be honest it is the main reason why we offer finance. Currently Im offering 5.5% Flat as a base rate, maximum I can charge, anything less and commission drops. Example of deal going out this weekend, customer has borrowed £4500 over 48 months and my commission is £350. Is this about right or anyone who would give more commission on that deal? + they have a £350 doc fee built into it spread over the term. I don't have any stocking loans with them either so no ties......Any pointers would be appreciated.
  10. Was watching Martin Lewis on GMB this morning who mentioned a recovery company called Auto Aid offering a years cover for £48 which covers the driver not the car. Touch wood I've never broke down yet driving to and from the auction but I'm sure I'm due one. Thought this might be worth taking out or would it be null and void if they landed and your sitting there with your hazards flashing and trade plates on display, only thing I can see in their T&Cs business vans are not covered......Anybody got any recovery cover that is applicable to the motor trade?
  11. Thanks lads....I think I'll get my man to take the AC belt off and fire it up and if the noise goes off it sounds like the pump/clutch is the issue.
  12. Ive just purchased a 2011 Astra 1.6 petrol estate nice 51k miles. When it warms up there is a ticking noise from the engine like a dry pully/bearing noise. When you boot the air con up it disappears?? Just picked it from my local indy who re-gassed the AC system but its still the same. Any clues chaps?