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  1. People are going to want cars. Im not going anywhere. Maybe switch my stock profile as and when things change. Currently doing well.
  2. If customer was cool I would say we had sold it. If customer was a dick I would forward details.
  3. Its not burtons biscuits as I know he went nuts at someone that kept asking and commenting about it
  4. Do you know how much they make off youtube? Shmee150 posts on pistonheads and has been quite open with revenue and even a fairly modest subscriber base with regular contents and adverts brings in quite a lot of money. It was considerably more than I ever expected.
  5. Imagine being a private and so stupid to think you are getting a better deal at BCA than just walking into a dealer and buying. My fees are bad enough on platinum the private ones are horrendous. I've never bought more cars privately / trade to trade facebook the amount of money ive saved in fees is unbeliavable. For every ten cars its about £4k its a lot of money saved.
  6. Personally not offering test drives. Our insurance cost for unaccompanied was very high. I am simply not comfortable with letting people loose in high power vehicles or nice well prepped cars alone. The standard of driving ive seen before on accompanied test drives is low, unknown roads, unknown car etc. I feel the risk of theft is higher. I am aware I could go on a test drive accompanied and have a knife pulled out on me but I think the chances for someone not to return in an unaccompanied demo are quite high. Plus crash damage aswell. We will continue to offer the chance to buy the car and pay for it and then once paid for and on customers insurance they can do our normal test route before confirming they are happy. If they are instant money back. Lack of test drives really hasn't been a deal breaker and most actual buyers are completely fine. I get the impression the ones hell bent on it want to drive a few others anyway.
  7. I havent had time for lunch let alone to watch tv will catch up at some point, james does a good job but work mode is re activated for most.
  8. Good idea - I would get a few people who are outdoors'y via instagram and offer them a free weekend / midweek deal in exchange for promotion like maybe SAS who Dares contestants or such like ( even better if the celeb version will do for free) and the bookings will fly in. Maybe offer a delivery and collection of camper nationwide (outsourced and chargeable) as Justin shows it put him off having to go on a mission just to get it. Won't make you millions but will do alright out of it, best of luck with it.
  9. It’s a quarter off my bill at a time when I’m doing good. nearly everything is selling via AT at the moment (free) and to get it for less is very much welcome whilst everything builds back up. I think may might be a record breaking month for us, in March I was a bit worried if we would actually sell a car.
  10. I’ve heard a lot of bad stuff about Hartley and SOR are you familiar AWC?
  11. He was a Gypsy wasn't he who started out in Glasgow? Owns a lot of park home sites aswell which are good money as far as I know.
  12. Is he or is he at the front of the pack for what he does and has done for many years ?
  13. Hahaha lightens the mood Patrick