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  1. Had a police officer in buying a car today. She was retired actually. Didn't wear a mask. Was trading in a shitter PX.
  2. Anyone got any customers turning up actually wearing Masks? Got loads just turning up without them. If you have to wear one to go the co op, you can fucking wear one in here to buy a car or fuck off. I didn't sleep much last night and grumpier than trade vet today Ready to flip
  3. Hadn’t actually ever thought of that. Most of us are having it away but lots of other sectors have shut down. just got home from barber shop and noticed everywhere was closed at ten didn’t see pubs, takeaways etc the usual stuff. He said it’s quiet for him, people working from home don’t go in for their usually weekly or 2 weekly cut as not seeing anyone, regular Friday night / Saturday night trim for a night out not coming as not going out it does affect a lot of places.
  4. There’s a guy who can tax any car without V62
  5. I’ve started charging for air in tyres and screenwash. it’s been quiet this week.
  6. I’m just done with it all mate time to crack on safely and get the job done.
  7. I'm no snowflake and don't mind some of Lings stuff but don't find the black lives bit funny TBH
  8. Of all the things to call trade vet I don't think hes a bullshitter or a jackanory.
  9. I rewatched it all last week, may have had influence
  10. Got a lot of money, in a van all week and want a nice car better customers than geography teachers.
  11. We are pretty bad for it tbh. The guys that do pics / video / drive them back etc just never put any fuel in . Always find it a bit awkward when the fuel lights on.