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  1. The guy on yesterday’s Jamie Caple does live vids on the car dealer Facebook page a couple of times a week. Quite uplifting and nice to feel we are in it together worth joining up if you aren’t already.
  2. What a bleak outlook, no point trying someone else might get something if you dropped dead. Thoroughly decent landlord Grant. Our landlord owns all the site outright, on every comittee locally type person and used to be the Mayor, round table all that kind of shit ( probably on a register or 2 somewhere aswell). Nothing from him. Expected as much. We don't have any right to, he still has costs but its nice to hear others are getting looked after at a difficult time.
  3. @James Baggott you wanted people to interview with opinions and views on the industry didn't you
  4. Good move. I actually think AT have been decent so far and offered a lot of assistance and insight throughout this situation. They get a lot of flack ordinarily. I’ve even had 3 or 4 people contact me from Autotrader just to check in and see how we are including a couple that don’t need to as I’m literally nothing to do with their account which I thought was really decent.
  5. We already do lots of delivery so perhaps slightly more geared up. for me, everything’s valeted anyway so in theory If I come to work wearing disposable gloves jump in the car and turn it on, drive it on the truck and then drop it off on customers drive and give it a wipe down plus wipe key before posting key whats the harm? ive just had dpd deliver a new phone to me. amazon packages. It’s close down a few aisles in the shops with people well within 2 meters so I do see it as low risk and I’m in no ivory tower if someone has the choice of selling to survive I wouldn’t think any less of them or judge them it’s not my place. I feel there are many ways to do it with very low risk and very limited exposure. not a fucking chance I’d be driving a car, hopping on a train and taxi right now.
  6. I've got a real hustler mentality and love a deal. Turning people away is painful but come on going in to open up for a virus that could potentially kill you or an innocent person you then come into contact with. If you can facilitate a delivery with absolutely zero contact within government guidelines that poses no risk to you or customer its slightly different.
  7. F off with your optimism they are all doomed for failure and hmrc and stocking loans and its not like it was and range rover driving fancy watch wearing corporate effers
  8. But it’s a loophole around how the they get paid that hasn’t been accounted for by an industry that supports us all from new car sales for you to part exchange stock for us indies. tbh your far More intelligent and smarter than me. I can see and do see the point your making I really do and think the industry particularly the main dealer environment is so out of date it’s unbelievable but I personally feel that it’s no fault of the sales staff at this time and they have paid their way and their share during the good times. fwiw my staff are on 100% for 3 months after that point may need to address things.
  9. Be ideal if locked down again i'm stir crazy in my house.
  10. Digitalise and really push delivery and contactless handover that a lot of nervy customers will benefit from Push facetime / skype viewings etc Push Video and remote sales and finance Continue to push positive social media, handovers, happy people not much doom and gloom.
  11. Ive always liked your social media channels and how you get things done Ling. You have made your dislike of main dealers and car salesmen clear on many previous occasions though. After all this I hope not one car dealer supplies your business in the future Ling. They have all paid into the scheme, paid tax etc on total pay not just basic. Maybe the entire industry needs reform but come off it I don't think the salesman with a family should be hugely financially disadvantaged moreso than any other PAYE worker due to whats essentially a technicality.
  12. Lets see how forthcoming it actually is from the government and ensure its not hot air. The business loans are going to be horrendously difficult to get least of all for a 'car dealer'.
  13. They did that due to getting a barrage of shit from more responsible car dealers from the facebook car dealer page.
  14. People need assistance by the end of April not June. This really isn’t right.