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  1. Don't know but took 2 seconds to google it
  3. Apply for a new V5 using V62 Then MOT it Then you can tax it
  4. Someone on there might bite on it
  5. Try the Facebook trade page?
  6. Its just as much of a gamble as buying out the block, grade 1/2 with a clean mech report yes otherwise no chance.
  7. I used to go to BB on a regular basis but the cars went down hill and the prices went up. Plus its a shit hole!
  8. Welcome back to the dark side
  9. Have you still got the black ex auto CRV is on AT but not the website. The silver CRV has the V5 showing with its ref number on display. Photos are ok just over exposed.
  10. Tom

    Website ??

    I believe you can turn off the indicators in your portal for your website
  11. Ask them there is/was a recall on timing chains
  12. Yes this Got a 2008 3 series coupe with the N46 and the engine is brand new only done 54k on the chassis. BMW fitted a new engine free of charge after a recall in Jan this year.