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  1. Ive done that on a Civic easily done!
  2. Can take up to 48 hours to appear, its useless.
  3. Use it whilst its there
  4. Tom


    Umesh only posts on here when its about Autotrader.
  5. Hes done well, but I dont like his persona. His reviews agree.
  6. Interesting video, I like Mike he seems to get a lot of flack but he seems a decent genuine chap to me.
  7. Buy it now is £10,000 call me to arrange payment.
  8. I can see why its been done but if someone comes in AFTER lock down and back to normal with a part exchange and uses the "its mot 6 months Extension mate" and the MOT has long expired they will be told to go and get an MOT, as there will be no excuse at that point.
  9. Don't know but took 2 seconds to google it
  11. Apply for a new V5 using V62 Then MOT it Then you can tax it