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  1. Still classed as unaccompanied though so they won't be insured. Not ideal at all
  2. Which insurer was this if you don't mind me asking? I was about to call ours (NIG) to ask the same question. Never been keen on sending them out on their own to be honest and I don't think I have ever been covered for it in all my years trading. I'm pretty sure some insurers won't even entertain it
  3. You will probably find that these two are about the cheapest options out there
  4. I guess anyone can call themselves an auction if they want to can't they? BCA get away with dealing with the public without the SOGA getting in the way and they run online auctions. It's an interesting concept and I'm guessing that if TS were not happy with it they would have shut him down long ago
  5. What do you water it down to ? 20/1?
  6. I heard earlier from a very good source at BCA that they are going to stop buying shortly.
  7. We have been getting it from Euros. If you have a few they will do it for £8.99 (20L) but last week our Autosmart man told us that his works out cheaper because it is more concentrated and can be mixed down. I think he said it would work out to 22p a litre
  8. Grassed him up!! I thought they were best buds!
  9. We have just started trying this. We give away a 3 month VGS warranty with every deal and then try and up sell to 12 months or longer. We now say that if they leave a review we will bump up their warranty by an extra 3 months FOC. It only costs us an extra £20 on average and seems to work. Those you don't want to upgrade get the chance of a free 6 month warranty
  10. Could also be an actuator which wouldn't be too bad to sort out
  11. Common problem on the older Grand Cherokees which come from the same company. The blend door spindles disintegrate with old age. There are a few people selling kits to repair these which involve cutting a hole on the side of the heater box and replacing the doors with a re designed version. Its not a bad job on the Jeep but no idea about the Journey, I'm sure there will be some stuff somewhere online about it.
  12. Cheers for that but I managed to get it bought back in the end
  13. Gentlemen Can anyone recommend a trade friendly workshop in the Hastings area. I have one down there that I need to get inspected and diagnosed by somebody who knows what they are doing. Any suggestions much appreciated Ta
  14. I do advertise with them and have been for many years. We try and monitor where our enquiries come from and I would say that on average probably 80% of our sales come from them. I did cancel them last year but didn't even make the full month without them because it was like a tap had been turned off. We are also on Cargurus and Ebay. Nothing would make me happier than kicking them into touch but I don't think I would survive with the few deals that come from elsewhere