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  1. thanks Umesh Interesting, wonder whether the more specialised the search (aka an enthusiast type customer) the more likely a visitor is to sign-up to find the 'perfect car'? Building a relationship with customers that's not all sell, sell, sell is often forgotten. The easiest way to get a encourage unsubscribes I find...
  2. Been lurking for a while, but here goes... I'm interested on hearing views on dealer email marketing. Just about every other industry likes to collect email addresses for updates etc on their websites but I don’t see this on many dealer websites... I can see that perhaps emails might be more effective for MOT / servicing reminders but what about stock updates? In the spirit of full disclosure, I work in digital marketing but am just trying to get a handle on how the trade uses email. I had a word with James and he gave me the green light to ask. Any thoughts, opinions, tactics? Thanks in advance Bonus feature: up for answering any digital related questions if you have any. Drop me a PM. My way of saying thanks for helping me out.