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  1. I was only seeking clarification in case there was another way.
  2. So if I buy a car from the ever not so helpful bca log book to be confirmed four weeks later they finally admit it’s not coming I still can’t use this system as I do not know any of the previous owners details to order a duplicate ?
  3. A very good friend of mine runs a cleaning business or did it’s now in total shreds, commercial offices closed, student let’s empty as no students have come into the Uk, even his private customers have cancelled due to most of them working from home and doing it themselves, even the window cleaning section of his business has been hit very hard with most of his clients saying its pointless having clean windows as all transactions are now carried out on line and there looking to reduce there overheads. The council was a big contract who have advised him there is no budget for his services at present. gone from 8 staff down to him and his wife in a matter of months.
  4. Its chaos a builder friend of mine just sacked two brick layers for so called self isolating for two weeks only to find out they sneaked a small outdoor extension in cash job.
  5. The company would be on sticky grounds if there advertising for the same post as there about to make redundant, as regards fair and appropriate i think there are a lot more factors to be taken into account none of this is fair on anyone. I also disagree with your last statement i know a lot of business have kept staff on hoping praying the country returns to normal, restrictions have been lifted in a very odd and unforeseeable manor making some business more able to bounce back than others so the businesses that are still heavily restricted or have there demand seriously affected there are left with no option but to lay staff off, making them pay back any funding would finish them off all together.
  6. Same rules still apply i think, clean bca report and mot to have it driven and below 100k, you have to buy three or more from the same branch to get them transported then they can be any grade spec you like. We tried movex have no idea what was going on took three days to get insane quotes so didnt try again. I did ring one driver who used to collect from us and he said he wont even go to blackbush as there is often a two hour wait just to get the car, how much truth is in that i have no idea maybe thats why i wasnt getting any quotes from movex maybe. unless its been updated thats my understanding on the whole saga and it is a saga.
  7. No one is really going to be able to diagnose that over the internet, as the chaps have already mentioned resistor is one option, if you have no speeds at all could be the blower itself or the plug on the blower, i find most of our resistor faults allow one speed.
  8. i dont miss it one little bit, I know a few mates who never logged in on line once who have had a huge wake up call into the modern way of doing business, I did giggle when overheard someone down the mot station last week say they spent an hour on there computer looking for cookies to delete as they couldnt get on line to work...gesh old school at its best.
  9. I started off thinking they would miss the revenue from the cafe's the private buyers who get run up and pay eye watering fees, however on there flip side the trade seem to be paying way into and more often than not over cap clean so i guess with half your staff off its a very close numbers game and there clear lack of urgency to reopen it just could be the final nail in the coffin.
  10. This was always going to be a losing battle, one i come across almost every day new drivers are learning to drive in brand spanking new cars often with electronic accelerator peddles then they jump in a ford ka or c1 and straight away it doesnt feel as good. Sometimes you have to be blunt and just point that out sometimes they go fair play makes sense or look at you like you have three heads and leave. I agree with everyone above refund and move on.
  11. Depends on who you sell the car to if it is a key worker the dvla will fast track the log book application and it comes through as normal....the odd bit is they do not ask for any proof the person buying the car is a key worker. make of that what you wish, typical dvla madness.
  12. Totally agree, its here to stay thats for sure.
  13. Highline is very lucky I was 100% told the rules are the rules. Movex are useless almost zero quotes I suspect it’s due to the drivers having to pre-book slots so I haven’t been able to buy from bca since March. do they care.........
  14. Up to four years I would submit a form 652 no need to ring anyone then if the number is large enough they will soon ring you.
  15. bloody phone, worst possible advise ever it should have said.