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  1. Yes pre F reg plate changed at new year... E reg only ran for 7 months.
  2. Trade advert free again....what am I missing here?
  3. It's free for trade? It's certainly free for private sales. When I tried it it cost us something like £20......that song of Taylor Swift comes to mind with lots of add9 chords
  4. I think the OP will insist on it being listed as a wrong ern, it's good thing to take the moral high road at times, on other 'roads' it can be very costly though.
  5. Misti got pulled on fiddling fuel consumption figures a while back....ohh and accounting err, errm....irregularities....having for Japanese companies I'm wasn't the slightest surpised
  6. Sapporo, Mirage and Celeste weren't too shabby
  7. Ohh come on FFS. If you want to buy 'all good' cars at auction, avoid the car auction, buy retail and you even get a free balloon. Having a proper fit for purpose PDI inspection prior to sale is going cost a LOT of money and to my mind is unworkable but, if it did could be made to work you need think this thru a little. Where is the value to the vendor and, if you think there are too many civilians at auction now...... PS.....there can't be many dealers on here that haven't put a wrong urn in the block, got me out the shite many times and long may it continue. Or to be brutal buyer beware, a greedy punter has saved my bacon. PPS, I don't buy that a seasoned trader, buying hundreds of cars every year, shapes up for a lumpy motor, that's finest german tat and prestige german tat, in multi source, unassured but assumed a long MOT, full service history, service prior to sale is any guarantee of condition, then cries that the auction system is corrupt when it's not a peach....see retail with balloons.
  8. Put it back in the ring. If you insist on buying a non inspected car thru multi source win some, you loose some, risk and reward.
  9. 7am to 7pm for online V5 change of they employ a guy winding the computer handle or maybe a lady in a huge hamster wheel driving a generator for it
  10. FFS....this stuff could not be more unsuitable
  11. He is driving it so hard it's loosing traction on the inside's doing what it was designed to do.
  12. Don't listen to the haters Brilliant cars, used to sell oodles of these, great sellors too......those early 'high light' ones really are getting quite rare. Handle like they are on rails. The sunroof switches break for Italy though and were made from unobtanium many years ago. On the key fobs they can cause the signal light to show but not send a request pulse nia the RF. Have you checked the key is sending a signal on a RF/radio check box? Also these early FIATs use a dumb remote in that it simply operates the central locking, doesn't link to immobiliser or anything else. What this means is the signal reader from one car (interior light area) is matched to it's remote so you could in theory take the reader from one car with it's matching remote fob and simply swop over the reader and use it's remote.