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  1. I think this should one be posted on the Magic Circle forum ....JLR's current wiring make 60's Lucas Prince of Darkness look top notch, without the addition of a dose of saltwater. Best of luck with though
  2. BHM touched on this months ago.... ..... .a simple use of the search function may of brought this to light..... Covid probably It's odd isn't it. Because we are all with the automotive 'bubble' where its a case of 'no grafty, no payee' and, things seem relatively normal, once you step outside of this 'bubble' it's amazing just how many aren't working, just how many services have restrictions on them.
  3. Luckily not 67 ..... there were two plate year tags from memory 1/67 was E reg', then 8/67 was F reg....hence the amount of E reggies was half the normal amount.
  4. My sdvice would be stay away from sub 5k gear.....the punters will suck your will to live Best of luck, you obviously have the balls or you wouldn't be starting up the business what with Covid situation.
  5. Got to say, they were alway poverty spec but, never had a bad one.
  6. A plastic one at that too, guys a wrong ern, walk away
  7. Dark green MOD Astras st Bedford, ahh the memories
  8. I've been to Germany recently, different world over there, the VAST and huge majority are wearing masks anywhere outside of their home. My brother has a house in Denia Spain, last week he witnessed an argumentitive maskless Brit getting slapped with a 105 euro fine..... the alternative was a trip to the local nick, which he was very close to. Apparently, the Spanish police officer even spoke reasonable english and, tried to do the decent thing pointing out the error of the guys ways but, there's no educating pork. Mr 'won't wear a mask guy' was a well educated Rupert, not some beer bellied tatt'd up lager lout. * nothing wrong with beer bellies, mines stupendous.
  9. I believe most police forces fleet are now leased and have been for many years. My friend Dave works for BT and they service a lot of other vehicle fleets, good earner. Their tightest customers are the lease companies for the plod squad, everything is cheapest possible, buy cheap buy twice attitude doesn't compute with them.....that said I've not spoken with him for over three years