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  1. I've been to Germany recently, different world over there, the VAST and huge majority are wearing masks anywhere outside of their home. My brother has a house in Denia Spain, last week he witnessed an argumentitive maskless Brit getting slapped with a 105 euro fine..... the alternative was a trip to the local nick, which he was very close to. Apparently, the Spanish police officer even spoke reasonable english and, tried to do the decent thing pointing out the error of the guys ways but, there's no educating pork. Mr 'won't wear a mask guy' was a well educated Rupert, not some beer bellied tatt'd up lager lout. * nothing wrong with beer bellies, mines stupendous.
  2. I believe most police forces fleet are now leased and have been for many years. My friend Dave works for BT and they service a lot of other vehicle fleets, good earner. Their tightest customers are the lease companies for the plod squad, everything is cheapest possible, buy cheap buy twice attitude.....that said I've not spoken with him for over three years
  3. I should charge for parcel shelfs....seems to be an optional extra always comes in threes
  4. No, no, they are not all bad, some amazing savings to to had but, the puka ones work on 10% commission (my experience) on savings achieved. They work better when dealing with huge PLCs, not a car pitch.
  5. Why would they need to check insurance to tax a car? Very useful to begs the question why cant DVLA do this during peacetime though
  6. Have you done an injector bottle bleed thoughts would be failing injector?
  7. Small world moment today. Just came back from a few days in the smoke, stuck in a traffic jam caused by................ a new shape Defender in black with an expensive puddle of some fluid pooling under it.....a very unhappy elderly couple sat in it. Whatever went wrong must of been quite sudden as it was parked on the piss. Having the time to look at it as we slowly drove past, I can't help but think it looks 10 years out of date already
  8. 16 weeks turnaround at the moment for hard copy paperwork.
  9. In my experience Land Rover have a lot of previous of using customers as an 'out sourced durability trials department'.....they were always spendy and very needy to own. Sadly, Jaguar seem to be doing likewise since they were sold by Ford, shame as I sold a LOT of XJ-40's, X300, X308, X Types, S Types. That said, the early XFs are a thing of beauty to drive if you buy a nice one, in fact I have one as a daily driver at the moment. The last thing Jag developed under Ford ownership...petrol obviously rather pay a few quid more in rent thus saving far more though thru diesel erm, issues.
  10. Balls of steel to entertain that in a LR product
  11. The guys not been on the site since April according to the stats
  12. Plus another Seems to be Indian territory out there now but, should keep more cowboys away from the ring.
  13. Spot on, when that bubble bursts the pop will be deafening.
  14. Yup, just picked up cheap Lexus for the wife from a local gentleman, similar story but guy was a director at a large retail chain.....I've said before come late September the reality will sink in. From what I'm hearing after an avalanche of sales, main agents are looking a tad empty.
  15. Just thinking out loud....well writing. This isn't something simple like seized pads.....had this on a Honda while back...yes I'd not seen this before too. I think they were cheap pads and not old, were oversize, had to chisel the fuckers off the carrier. Set of decent pads, all good. What amazed me was whoever fitted them thought it was good to go. Odd because they didn't run hot....did squeak a bit though
  16. Yes pre F reg plate changed at new year... E reg only ran for 7 months.