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  1. Scooby who


    They are selling off their stock in Southern Ireland too. Have set up an online platform to sell their stock direct to the public at well below dealer pricing. Full finance available with warranty's being backed up by main dealers apparently.
  2. Last price is definitely Nigerian, only they use that term. Best price is for every other clown out there that wastes our time
  3. BM Troubleyou have had this problem for 10 Plus years, every single one of their diesel engines are crap design. They nearly broke Toyota too when Toyota made the mistake of buying in their engines for the last of their diesel powered cars. the chain is at the back of the engine meaning either the engine or gearbox needs to be removed for access. However someone is taking the piss with an estimate like that. I have heard of BM Troubleyou replacing chains in some of the older 520D as a gesture of good will despite they being out of warranty
  4. Its a VAG, could literally be anything but have seen the instrument cluster to give trouble on these before. Get it to a proper Auto Electrician
  5. Same here. Cannot get past login. Phone engaged all day. Sent email no response. Phone now ringing out, beginning to miss the old DA already Been there done that, was on there for long enough. Got proper stung with a 2015 clocked Golf with panels replaced, sent third party round to collect, almost got sick when I seen it. Paid £8000 for it and lost a lot when I had to run it through BCA to get rid. Its not an auction site and stuff sits there for months on end as there is no finish time, really only retail stuff that's not shifting. Not that many PX's. Then there are the couple of regulars who buy the grade 3,4,5 from Manheim and BCA and add their £1000 or so Cheaper prices on retail Autotrader from my experience.
  6. Website not the most user friendly Choice is limited Ridiculous retail prices! Photos not mandatory No cap guide prices shown unless you pay extra ''Motorway Premium'' advertising stock with a guide price, turns out they don't own it and you must bid for these privately owned cars without an appraisal No appraisal so its great for offloading grade 5's from BCA OH did I mention ridiculous retail prices!
  7. Reminds me of years back when I was young and carefree and so were my mates. Friend of mine drove his Honda Civic onto the beach for some romantic time with his girlfriend. It was well after midnight and pitch dark. Time passed as they were obviously having fun, then suddenly he heard splashing on the underside of the car. Turns out the tide was coming in so he started the car to get out. Problem was sand was saturated from the sea and he just got stuck and couldn't move. They obviously got out, but by the time he knew where he was, waves were half way up the car. He got someone with a teleporter to pull it in off the beach. I remember him asking me to have a look at it as it wouldn't start ( not surprising) At the time me and my mates thought it was the funniest thing ever and just couldn't stop laughing at what had happened. Remember looking into the car and it was full to the sills with sea water, sand, sea weed and possibly shells and jelly fish . I drained the oil from engine and box and dried out the distributor. I removed the ECU which had already begun to corrode, replaced it and up it fired! He drove the car for a further 4 years and all that ever went in that time was the alternator, then again it was a Honda Civic not a BM Troubleyou
  8. I think January is generally good for all. Then February arrives and you can't source stock as prices are through the roof so it becomes your worst month. Peaks n troughs.........Just like the graph from a ICU life support machine, before yet another stressed out car sales man pops his clogs after his final heart attack
  9. Well description didn't mention the reg so I called up Full Auction staff who contacted Robins and Day to confirm it was going with the car. I was fuming at the time because I would say every member of Robins & Day sales team called me to demand it back. It all got messy when I demanded money for it and for a finish the sales man told me to fu*k off. Then Full Auction got involved and told me I was no longer welcome on their site, it was clear the vendor meant more to them than I. I found the ex-owners phone number in the service receipt and called him to see if he wanted to buy it back off me (Demanding they pay) but he told me he now had his eye on an ever nicer reg that they were going to have to pay for. Ended up selling it for £760 after. All in all I did myself a favour as I never had to log back in scrolling through shi*e ever again. Robins & Day still have me on their mailing list though, and invite me round to all sorts of events they hold during the year. Might show up drunk at the next one and verbally abuse the staff
  10. Bought a car from Robins and Day through Full Auction, had a cherished plate so I called up to see if it was going with the car. Was told it was, so in my head it was making the car great value. Once I had it bought and collected they came back looking for the reg. Seems the previous owner had bought a new car from them, traded in his and some sales man fu*ked up somewhere and the plate wasn't transferred over. I refused to give it back as it was worth £800 and had been told it was mine. I got booted off the site but didn't care as I had had enough of their poor appraisals anyhow.
  11. Biggest risk is from trips and falls. Tripping over your slippers when you rush out of bed to answer the door. Don’t trade from home!
  12. What ever happened to ‘Fullauction” I just looked at their site and they have only 7 listings! I remember a few years back they used to have around 200 units or possibly more. Generally had a lot of Rubbish but every now and again a really nice car would appear and would sell for well below cap. May as well shut shop at this stage
  13. Disagree...... bad engine the 1.0, loves oil, buy the 1.3 or else at least 1.5 litres of oil every 1000 miles
  14. 6 or 60?? The latter sounds too good to be true! You sure it's really 60 now ???
  15. Trade Girl, my advise to you would be leave this one to the pros. You could end up having to repaint the car if it goes wrong on you. Practice as others have said on a wreck or at least something that's not worth a lot. To start with a dual action is best, as it is less likely to burn the paint and wont leave ugly swirl marks or buffer marks when the polish fades (looks terrible on dark colours). As you gain experience you will possibly need both. A rotary is faster for 'cutting' deep scratches/swirls but generates a lot of heat quickly so you need to keep it on the move and keep the speed down. Also lots of water or compound to also keep heat at bay. A repainted panel(s) will have a different thickness of paint to what it had when it left the factory, either A lot more or not enough clear coat. The latter is an issue. Different car manufactures put different thickness and hardness of paint on their cars and this is something you will see with experience. Take for example Hyundai they put just the bare minimum of clear coat over the base coat, if you try to compound deep scratches on a Hyundai you will soon learn you really cant, or you will end up into the base coat. Your biggest fear is scorching the paint with high speeds and a rotary. Swage lines and panel edges are most at danger as they are sharp points and you can quickly cut through the paint here and into the primer, so its belt mask these with fine line masking tape until you gain experience. I have a Rupes Rotary polisher with I've owned for 20 years and its still going strong. Last year I bought the latest Rupes Bigfoot, Dual action which is a beauty to work with and last week I bought a Milwaukee rotary set (big and small) which is cordless so I can take it around the car lot to do spot repairs. Best of luck, but start small.