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  1. Only they could afford those state of the art turntables, anyone know where there is one for sale, cheap? Want to make a merry go round for the kids!
  2. Have one but only use it on Focus's, (we all know how they love to let in water) Still think nothing beats the car heater. Maybe I need to rethink my sense of generosity Was never good at multiplication at school!
  3. Every car I buy seems to be more or less running on air, no matter where I buy. Every car we prep gets at least 50 quid of fuel to cover our testing, drying after valet (its that time of year again) test driving and run to MOT centre. Hopefully its near enough half when customer drives away. I think anything less is down right mean looking. When we point out to some its got a half tank of fuel its met with.......... 'what about the other half''?! Cant win!
  4. If you had Googled the reg. of the Prius it would have led you to a series of Manheim links.
  5. UK so. Would consider them more desirable if anything.
  6. Are we talking Northern Irish or Southern Irish? Big difference!
  7. Don't leave us hanging!.........What time did he arrive at?
  8. Ebay pre-cut 3M stuff. Drop of baby shampoo into a squirty water bottle and an evening patience
  9. I've had quiet a few odd issues with Focus's which were solved by disconnecting the battery for 10 mins. Including one with similar issue to yours, one which wouldn't turn off once started (keyless start) and one which died on the motorway after the new owner had just pick it up.
  10. Have you tried disconnecting the lead from the car battery for 10 mins and re connecting. Should start with key held at correct point, either the dash or the centre console even with fob battery dead
  11. Scooby who


    They are selling off their stock in Southern Ireland too. Have set up an online platform to sell their stock direct to the public at well below dealer pricing. Full finance available with warranty's being backed up by main dealers apparently.
  12. Last price is definitely Nigerian, only they use that term. Best price is for every other clown out there that wastes our time
  13. BM Troubleyou have had this problem for 10 Plus years, every single one of their diesel engines are crap design. They nearly broke Toyota too when Toyota made the mistake of buying in their engines for the last of their diesel powered cars. the chain is at the back of the engine meaning either the engine or gearbox needs to be removed for access. However someone is taking the piss with an estimate like that. I have heard of BM Troubleyou replacing chains in some of the older 520D as a gesture of good will despite they being out of warranty
  14. Its a VAG, could literally be anything but have seen the instrument cluster to give trouble on these before. Get it to a proper Auto Electrician
  15. Same here. Cannot get past login. Phone engaged all day. Sent email no response. Phone now ringing out, beginning to miss the old DA already Been there done that, was on there for long enough. Got proper stung with a 2015 clocked Golf with panels replaced, sent third party round to collect, almost got sick when I seen it. Paid £8000 for it and lost a lot when I had to run it through BCA to get rid. Its not an auction site and stuff sits there for months on end as there is no finish time, really only retail stuff that's not shifting. Not that many PX's. Then there are the couple of regulars who buy the grade 3,4,5 from Manheim and BCA and add their £1000 or so Cheaper prices on retail Autotrader from my experience.