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  1. we have 35 cars in stock and dont pay a penny to motonovo and we have sold around 3 cars from it since it went live.
  2. I will have to speak to the accountant we are VAT registered of course its just crossed my mind now that its all on the one invoice from Manheim and not seperate
  3. We regularly buy cars and have them delivered although obviously all of there prices are plus VAT. Does everyone claim that VAT back and if so how is everyone doing it? If im being stupid then my apologies
  4. Ive done this lots and lots of times. If your confident in what your selling and have given an honest description of bodywork and service record then why is it a problem? I email all paperwork invoices etc to sign and get them to send it back signed. It all comes down to how confident you are in the car your supplying
  5. Dragon2000 has been a life saver having only had it 4 months
  6. I do this all the time I dont see any wrong doing what so ever. I would get the tracking done and get them on there way.
  7. Your set up looks superb, I have been following you for a while now over the last 6 months and Ive got to say it looks great. One question how did you get so gather such a high following on Facebook/Instagram? Giveaways etc?
  8. What does this do for us as dealers sorry if this sounds stupid but what are we trying to change here?
  9. I wouldnt be without Autotrader and I pay £3000 per month.
  10. Hi all, We're currently trying to improve our photograph skills, we currently use a Canon G7X and the photos look good but now we want to make them even better. Do I purchase a DSLR? if so which one. Also does anyone do any work in photoshop or similar programmes making the photos a little sharper? Thanks
  11. Hi all, We currently run our own warranty by just indicating on the invoice what is covered which probably isn't the best thing to do. I have heard lots of praise about the Lawgistics warranty booklets which makes everything look abit more professional and will be great for up sale. Now the people who use it - how many months/mileage do you give? what claim limit do you set? and what do you sale it for? Just curious to know what other people charge for there 'own' warranty packages whether its Lawgistics or someone different. Thanks
  12. Thats fair enough but what about extra owner on V5, over 500 miles put on the car?
  13. Sold a 13 year old Freelander about 3 days ago, customer rings a day later my passenger window has just packed up I said no problem book it in your local garage ill pay for it to be fixed. He then proceeds to put it into Halfords for a safety check and they come back with a few different things handbrake wont hold enough, prop shaft bushes are perished. He now wants a full refund under consumer rights. I do a Lawgistics PDI sheet for every vehicle that passes through my garage. The car has recently gone through an MOT with no advisories? Where do i stand? what do i do?
  14. Customer bought a car around 6 weeks ago and I have just put a turbo on it as it failed. He now tells me there is a noise coming from clutch/flywheel which he has had investigated and it does it when he pulls away. Do I have to replace clutch and flywheel or because it hasn't 'failed' do I tell him to get on his bike? Like I said im not unreasonable ive already replaced his turbo free of charge. The car is an A3. Let me know your thoughts?